Weekend Turn Up, powered by adidas, chats with Clout Internet Boyz


Clout Internet Boyz is a five-member group from Durban, with friendships and beginnings that started in high school. The crew is shaking things up on the hip hop/rap circuit there, here, where you are and on streaming channels.

Core members of the squad are Brawley, Alone, LeoDaLeo, Votron and SoulKit who, together with other collaborators and guest artists (including ex-crew member Blxckie, of course) drop like there’s no tomorrow feeding those channels and fans with their unique sound and content.

Watching our exclusive interview, you’ll soon spot the differences in their personalities, life experiences and approach to life. Votron and SoulKit’s energies are poles apart – Votron is loud and in-your-face funny while SoulKit (aka the Yoga Master) has a calm, resonant voice that makes this girlz’ tummy tremble.

But, of course, what they do have in common are those years-long connections and that they’re all reaching towards the same goal. “That’s what keeps us glued as brothers,” says Brawley. “And more than anything, we’re friends … we’re family,” adds Votron.

The result is an input of unique creativity that results in a musical output that meshes and mixes those individual talents and pushes it out of the studio and onto the streams. These boyz not only got clout, they clout the internet in the original (centuries-old) sense of the word (hit/punch/thump with force). Double dope, right?

Check out more about the crew’s career history, highlights and future plans by joining our meet-up. And you absolutely mustn’t miss where Votron ‘spins it’. Oh yeah.