Weekend Turn Up meets the King of Gqom … DJ Lag


Let’s go, fam! Let’s meet the one and only DJ Lag, powered by adidas. Exclusive, online and up close.

One of the original pioneers and creators of the unique gqom sound coming out of Durban, DJ Lag (real name Lwazi Asanda Gwala, born in Clermont in 1995) has been on the scene since 2013. After a quiet start, he found his genre – or rather helped birth it – bringing gqom to the world’s attention and putting a whole new music genre in the playlists and on the platforms.

He worked his a** off for years doing gigs and events and drops and tours and even speaking engagements, but then came the big break. Really big. Huge.

In December 2018, Queen B dropped the King of G’s Trip to New York into her Global Citizen Festival set – and after meeting up with him she asked him (asked him!) to do beats for her collaborative album, The Lion King: The Gift. And DJ Lag’s life changed for ever.

With massive international and local collabs and his own record label, the man’s a megastar– ironically though, he’d always had more love from abroad than from local audiences, but that’s changed. He’s still humble though, a family man and dedicated to maintaining a healthy balance between work and home.

He’s been overlooked, ripped-off and underrated. Praised, acclaimed and revered. Talk about an interesting journey – and he’s still only in his mid-twenties … Meet the man in the prime of his power here. Long may he reign!