Weekend Turn Up interviews Yashna International – and all we can say is “Yass, Yashna, yass!”


Multi-genre singer/songwriter Yashna International, queen of boss energy, hates coffee and heels – but loves music and has a passion for her craft that you have to respect when you realise the many successes she achieved despite the challenges.

Weekend Turn Up never found out why she couldn’t live without coffee, but the heels thing makes sense when you know the reason behind it. “Life would be so much better if there was no pressure of having these heels,” she says – and tortured toes and cramping calves around the country would surely say amen to that.

She didn’t choose music, she says, music chose her. Obviously couldn’t resist that mellow, yet crystal clear, voice that fans on the East Coast – and the rest of South Africa – just can’t get enough of.

International is surely just a few beats away from becoming part of the fan base too, and not just part of her name.

She – and Weekend Turn Up – are also dying for the “emerging artist” tag to drop … away. She’s emerged, dammit. She’s cried and slogged 24/7 and stuck it out and appreciated every break she ever got and never made excuses. Whatever music genre you love, whatever mood you’re in, there’s sure to be a Yashna International drop that speaks to you.

Watch our exclusive interview for insights into her sources of inspiration and creative process, background to the banger EP YanoGroove – and who does her hair and make up (best kept secret ‘til now) – all against a track of the purest, most melodic voice you’ll hear all year. (Unless you’ve already heard her on other platforms.)