Tyla, South Africa’s latest pop star, talks music on the Weekend Turn Up


On this week’s Weekend Turn Up, we chatted to Tyla, the newest and possibly also the youngest RnB sensation in South Africa. At the age of only 19, this singer-songwriter is already making moves and she is here to stay.

Having worked with some of the biggest names in the South African music industry, Tyla is still in awe of how supportive some established artists and producers have been. She spoke to us about her love for music, the team behind her, her inspiration and offered some advice for others wanting to enter the music industry.

This is Tyla on…


Where her love for music comes from

Having grown up in a very musical family, she believes this is where her passion for music came from. Many of her family members sing or play musical instruments. And as she got older, her love for music and creating music only became stronger and stronger.


Her experience with the entertainment industry

She stated that her experience with the entertainment industry was difficult initially. But because of her amazing team guiding her, she is starting to enjoy it more.


The importance of having a good team

Tyla mentioned multiple times how grateful she is for her team. She believes it’s important to be given the space to be creative and have control over your brand and your music, and her team gives her exactly that. Tyla views the people on her team more as friends who she can talk to, confide in and depend on.


Her creative process

When writing songs, Tyla uses her own personal experiences, as well as the experiences of loved ones, as inspiration. As a true perfectionist, she tends to be very critical of herself when it comes to creating and releasing music. She states that even the smallest detail would continue bothering her, until she changes it.


Artists she wants to collaborate with

Some of the artists and producers Tyla would like to work with in the future include Nasty C, Tshego and Lucasraps.



Reflecting back on her journey, Tyla says that she never truly understood how difficult the music industry would be. So, her advice to others is that they must firstly be very certain that this is what they really want to do. And if it is, they will need to work extremely hard and be committed to getting where they want to be.



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