The new kid on the scene: Weekend Turn Up X Chaise Williams


This week on The Weekend Turn Up, we debut the Put Me On 2020 Top 5 finalist, Chaise Williams. Even though he’s still one of the newcomers on the music scene, Chaise Williams is already busy making moves. In this episode, he talks to us about why he decided to switch from dancing to music, what’s required to make it in the music industry and his latest work and projects.

Tell us about your background

So, my background started with dancing. Professionally, I danced for about 8 years of my life. Around 2016, I started experimenting with the idea of producing music. Since then, this idea has only grown into something that I love. I quickly realised I was willing to take music for as long as I’d still be able to. It’s a true passion of mine.


How has your sound evolved?

Whenever anyone starts making music, that’s a point that no one wants to regress back to. It’s your starting point. The way forward is to improve on what is already established. In the beginning, you’re still figuring out a lot of different things. There’s a massive learning curve to it. From how your voice works to what you’re interested in, it all changes and evolves over time. I think I’m quite flexible in my sound and can easily fit into a wide spectrum of sound.

How was your come up journey?

The come up is incredibly difficult. There are many things that constantly try to break you down and stop you from pursuing this career. I still face a lot of it daily, it’s something to constantly work towards. We all want support but it isn’t owed to you. You have to go out and earn it. People choose who to support. My journey has definitely not been the easiest but I will say that I have a lot of people who are true supporters. They genuinely value my music and what I create. I can always rely on them in times of need. My main motto is to not stop, no matter what’s happening around you, always keep on pushing. For me, it’s not about how many people listen but more so that the right people are listening.

Describe your sound at the moment

For me, it’s anything at that moment. I’m not locked into one genre. Whoever listens to my music will be exposed to a wide array of different genres and influences.


How was the ‘Put Me On’ experience?

It was such an incredible experience. Just starting off, the entry process on its own is already nerve-racking and stressful. You can feel so disheartened when you see how many other entries there are, and to not think, “I’m not good enough to be here.” Something I can say is that being top 5 for ‘Put Me On’ really boosted my confidence to keep on moving in this direction. It showed that I genuinely had the right type of support since the entire process worked through a voting system. It made me appreciate my supporters so much. I learned that exposing yourself to the world in a certain manner can get an appropriate response back from the viewers and fans.


What can we look out for from you in 2021?

I just recently did a track at the Musical Colour Studios. Other than that, I’m releasing some content in the beginning of 2021. I’m also working on a big project called ‘Six’. Throughout the year, I’ll be releasing content on a frequent basis. I’m planning to go to Spain for the rest of the year and I should be releasing some very original content as the year continues. There will be some content that I’m confident no South African artist has ever done before.