The DJ Series: 5 Minutes With Shera The DJ


Who is ‘Shera The DJ’ and where is she from?

Sihle Dlamini popularly known as Shera The DJ is a 24 year old creative who was born & raised in Johannesburg.

Growing up what/ who inspired you?

Growing up I was inspired by the performing arts. I expressed myself through dance so I was inspired by likes of Bontle Modiselle, Manthe Ribane, Lee-ché Janecke, Tarryn Alberts.. just to name a few. My mother was also a dancer growing up so her support & passion for nurturing my art was what made me feel confident in saying I want to be an artist in a class full of aspiring doctors & lawyers.

What motivated you to become a house DJ?

There was no question about the genre. I have always been a fan of house music so the switch from being a “majaivane” to being the person who makes people “jive” happened very naturally.

What is it like to be a female house DJ in a predominantly male dominated industry?

Being a young female DJ definitely has its challenges. You have to PUSH to be acknowledged but I have been fortunate enough to have met some great male DJ’s & producers in the industry who took me under their wing & dedicated their time to helping me perfect my craft.

Take us back to your first gig, how was it and do you perhaps remember the first song you played?

What a disaster. LOL it was really bad. I had come straight from practicing on virtual dj & I had to play on CDJ 350’s which have no sync button. I don’t remember the first song but long story short, even though it was so bad, my confidence & vibe secured me a resident opening slot at the venue where the head dj’s helped me by taking turns teaching me how to use CDJ’S.

How did your DJ residency at Massive Metro come about?

I submitted a guest mix during lockdown & they really enjoyed it. They then sent me an email about 3 months later asking me to join their team & the rest was history.

What do you aim to achieve with you as a female DJ representative?

In the Shera household we put each other on! I have a passion for helping people so success for me definitely involves sharing my opportunities & knowledge with others.

How do you deal with pressure of DJing live?

Prayer plays a huge part in my career. I have done things & played at venues I never imagined I would play at so early in my career. I love what I do & that motivates me to rise above the pressure & give people The Shera Experience.

How would you describe the experience of playing on Sportscene Radio?

Absolutely amazing. I felt part of an experience- people left the store feeling good & looking good.

What was the highlight of your Sportscene Radio live mix?

My highlight was definitely the family of 5 that had a jam session in the store- It really made me smile to see a father, mother & kids receive my set like that.