Tellaman x Weekend Turn Up – Telling it like it is


When Weekend Turn Up met Tellaman, it was such a laid back, chilled and mellow chat, we could’ve sat around for hours. He comes across as the kind of best friend you wish you had – loyal, inspirational, easy-going yet huge fun to hang out with – especially if a friend could drop the kind of music he does.

The man is shining, shining, shining – but it took him 15 years of hard work to get to where he is today.

Born and bred in Durban, Tellaman (real name Thelumusa Samuel Owen) is a self-taught singer, rapper, songwriter and record producer who comes from a lifelong musical background (his mom loved to sing). Encouraged by her to sing in church and join a youth choir, he was keen – but equally as keen on soccer. Luckily for South Africa – and the world – he stayed with the music to became a superstar (by both talent and hit song) here and internationally.

And yet despite this fame – or maybe because it took a lot of work to achieve – he’s a humble man, eager to collaborate and learn from other musicians. And while his style respects and mixes a wide range of musical genres, it’s very much his own. It’s hard to describe – it sort of gets you “right here” (we’re pointing to our chest). Just listen to this track, and get to know him through our exclusive interview, and you’ll feel what we mean.