Sole Women: 5 Hours With Binwe Adebayo


Introducing Binwe Adebayo.

We hung out with the multi-talented Binwe Adebayo for this month’s Sole Women feature.

Describing herself as an editor, strategist, journalist, and the Founder/Director of Baby Mogul, Binwe (@binwinning) is nothing short of a powerhouse in South Africa’s creative scene. We wanted to see where her passion comes from and what inspires her, so Binwe took us to three of her favourite spots in Joburg.

First up, we meet Binwe in Delta Park where she highlights the importance of spending time outside in today’s modern lifestyle. “So much of the work a lot of us do is focused on being on our computers and being indoors… so being outside and being able to run is why I love spending time here.” Breathing in crisp fresh air allows Binwe to centre herself for the day ahead – an important part of her daily routine.

Of course, we must talk about the amazing Adidas drip. Styled in a peach sweatshirt and camo style pants from the Reveal Your Voice collection, Binwe is rocking the Forum Bold all white kicks to finish off the look.

Next, Binwe takes us to PRON restaurant, which she often uses as a mobile office for her main job as the founder of Baby Mogul.

“It’s a talent management agency and consultancy. We work with incredible culture-shifters in South Africa and Africa. It’s an exciting group of people. We’re all POC and Black because that’s what the agency’s core is about.” The agency brings creatives together to develop cool projects for brands, NGOs, and corporates.

In the final segment, Binwe takes us to the Kalashnikovv Gallery in Braamfontein to meet dance teacher and choreographer, Llewellyn Mnguni, to check out their exhibition in collaboration with photographer, Travys Owen. Binwe also works as a contributing editor for a UK-based art magazine and gets her inspo from SA artists.

Although not an artist herself, visual arts inspire a lot of her own work, “SA is such a cool space for art. There’s so much interesting creativity”. Binwe’s passion and energy is undeniable. A well-deserved Sole Woman in our opinion. Check out the episodes for a shot of inspo.

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