Kiki x Chucky talks exclusively to Weekend Turn Up. Let’s go!


Kiki x Chucky has always been a performer. His music crushed it at crèche, performed in every end of year concert throughout his school days and knew for sure that this was going to be his life journey.

So ‘scuse his ego, it’s been a long, self-managed ride from being a little kid with a big name (Liam Michael Jordhan Marsh) in kindergarten to becoming a sportscene 2020 Put Me On finalist and going on to be acknowledged as the hardest rager in South Africa.

The Johannesburg-born lyricist is acclaimed for his bold re-imagining of rage rap, but he crosses many genres including hip hop, trap, trap soul or rock. Whatever the origins, the creative process of creating his own unique music is the same. “To have fun, take it as it comes, feel the vibe, connect with the song and then voom!” (finger flick) “The Price Went Up.”

The vulnerability expressed in this track, and his uncompromising honesty, immediately connected with the 444 KULT Gang (his fans) and even though it dropped without a video, it became a banger just like that (finger flick). Part of the appeal was that Kiki x Chucky acknowledged that he’d lost touch with his fans and they loved the integrity of that and the reconnection.

In our exclusive interview, he sends this message to his fans. “Self-love. Self-love. That’s what we practice, that’s what we preach. Make sure you get yourself steady, emotionally and mentally, and keep pushing whatever you do, whatever the hustle. Doesn’t have to be music, can be anything. Just keep on hustling. Just go.”

Just watch.