Desire Marea x Weekend Turn Up – sensational, insanely talented life force


Powered by adidas, their family and their fans, Desire Marea can’t live without a bit of bling but could happily live offline (for a while anyway) and wishes they could stop doubting and second guessing. But judging by their acclaimed first debut solo album and live performances, we have to wonder why such a talent would confess to a bit of insecurity.

Perhaps that’s part of the appeal? Desire is enigmatic and wide-open. A complex, flamboyant free spirit who enjoys simple pleasures like being in a park. A joyful laugh that makes you laugh twice as loud, creator of a musical safe space for anyone who feels lost or displaced – and a radical composer who can turn your head and your world upside down and inside out.

Weekend Turn Up’s interview reveals this – and more – as Desire Marea talks about creating their own brand in their own name and in their own voice.

After astounding the Netherlands and Berlin music scenes earlier in the year, this multi-disciplinary artist and healer is a quietly loud revolutionary. Debut drop, Desire, has been described as an astonishing, intoxicating, intricately textured statement of gratitude to people who survive, thrive and are fierce about claiming their freedom. And more …

A second album is due soon and, like you – and legions of fans worldwide – we. can’t. wait. We’ve been following him on the socials (we and his fans live for the images), and boy, are we desiring that drop.

For exclusive insights into Desire Marea’s extraordinary ordinary world, catch our interview here.