Custom Culture feat. Money Badoo


Custom Culture is a sportscene Studio series that is focused on style, fashion and sustainability. Every episode of Custom Culture poses a design challenge for our host, Sonia. She will engage with each episode’s guests in order to design a custom garment through a series of challenges. In the end, Sonia will create a fashionable and sustainable outfit from scratch for that episode’s guest.

Our host for the show is a young, creative entrepreneur, Sonia Tona (@soniatona_). She is also a model, designer and content creator. This episode’s guest is Money Badoo (@OfficalMoneyBadoo), talented singer, rapper, and songwriter from a small town in Jozi called Ennerdale. Known for her sultry and unique sound, Money Badoo is fast-tracking to the top, using poetic lyrics and an authentic take on fashion.

Here’s a recap of what went down:

This episode’s challenge: To create a blue garment inspired by puffer jackets.

After hearing Money Badoo’s brief, Sonia brainstorms some ideas before heading to the Junkie Charity Store in Melville. Here, Sonia takes us through her process of shopping for materials and fabrics. “I can always look at another thrift store. It’s important to weigh out your options”, Sonia reminds us.

Money Badoo meets up with Sonia in the Sportscene Studio. “I think I’m going through a blue phase”, Money Badoo explains when asked about why she chose blue, “Blue reminds me of the sky and water. I’m in a calm space”. The garment Sonia creates is impressive to say the least. Judging by Money Badoo’s reaction, she loves and it matches her street style perfectly. The final ensemble is a puffer vest and pants constructed from different colour denim and blue checkered fabric.

Next, Money Badoo chooses from three pairs of sneakers from Sportscene to pair with the garment Sonia sewed. Depending on which sneakers Money Badoo chooses, she needs to complete a challenge in her new garment and sneakers. Between Converse and two pairs of Nikes, Money Badoo chooses a pair of orange Nike Air Max 95s, meaning she has do a photo shoot while rocking her new fit. Safe to say, Sonia killed this challenge.

Check out the final look in the first Custom Culture episode which airs Monday, 19 July at 18:30