5 Minutes with Slice Frederico


Freddy Mkhize (aka Slice Frederico) is a hip-hop DJ that aims to educate the crowd with new music whilst fusing it with some trending jams and a few unexpected surprises. Slice Frederico also has a few singles under his belt with the likes of Espiquet, Lucid Prinxe and Rams.

What’s Slice Frederico’s story? Can you summarise how you got into doing what you do, and can you tell us which chapter in your story we are currently witnessing?

Slice Frederico is Durban born DJ/Producer who’s residing in Johannesburg. I got into music back in high school days and always being exposed to it from home since my uncle was big on collecting Vinyls. The chapter I’m in right now is basically knowing very well which direction to take for my music to touch people and have a proper meaning etc.

You have been in this industry or a while now and you are not showing signs of slowing down. Where and how do you find the motivation to continually push on with building your career up?

I find motivation to continue building my career from my surrounding since most of my homies are into music, fashion and art. That always keeps me going and inspired all the the time. A lot of people seem to think that SA hip-hop is stuck, and others think there is some progress because of the variety. What are your thoughts on the standards of the game right now? Give us the bad and the good. I think it’s challenging times for hip hop right now. The bad thing is that hip hop artist are not releasing enough music which kinda limits hip hop audience to choose from. The good thing is that South African music industry is growing when there’s more genres that come from us and we getting recognise by overseas audience.

You recently dropped a new single titled ‘Altitude’, what was the inspiration behind the song and the artists you featured on the song?

Altitude was inspired by the times we live in due to Covid-19 , I wanted to give people hope that better days are coming. The artists i featured are super talented and I feel like they should be recognise for that.

With a few singles out now, is fair to say that we could be receiving a fully body of work from you soon?

Hell yeah, LOL!

How do you measure success? In other words, what signs do you look for to convince that you are doing things right?

Success for me is freedom to create and educate people. What should we expect from Slice Frederico for the rest of 2021? More Music and some interesting things 🙂