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Choosing to be known only by his rap name, 031Choppa is a producer, songwriter, rapper and singer who has worked with Marcus Harvey, Riky Rick, Maglera Doe Boy, Aubrey Qwana, Sjava, Costa Titch, Moozlie and other new wave talents.

This man’s rising in power so hard, he could zoom straight past if you so much as blink. Mind you, he is and has always been a fast mover. He matriculated at just 16, leaving Kwamashu in KZN soon after for Ejozi. (Every life experience becomes part of 031Choppa’s musical storytelling – he called his Oct 2021 album Kwamashu To Ejozi.)

After landing a DJ gig – with no actual experience, just thinking it would be an experience – he taught himself in just one day. And killed it. No good being a risk taker if you’re not a fast learner, right?

But he never moves so fast that he leaves people behind. 031Choppa’s vision is to inspire and raise people up through the positivity and inspiration of his tracks. “I want people to know that anything is possible,” he says. ”Anyone can overcome their background or circumstances and be better, you just need to keep on pushing and not compromise on anything. Better days are coming.”

Such healing messages and relatable, inclusive songs have fans clamouring and the talent that was once described as “promising” is delivering on that promise.

Weekend Turn Up learned more during our exclusive interview, including how much he loves his mom, his girl, staying in hotels and burgers from Migalo in Alex. Discover more about 031Choppa here.