031 Goats – how can they be this hot when they’re chillin’?


Weekend Turn Up interviewed 031 Goats to check out what’s behind their energy and innovation and found that each of them is motivated by different reasons. Yet it all comes together seamlessly in their work because they’re all on the same mission: to be remembered forever, worldwide, as people who revolutionised the dance and music industry.

This power squad from Durban broke out from the Gqom and house scene to elevate the hip hop and dance game. And Aylo, Tayo & Zile have already left a permanent impression on urban dance culture worldwide through dances that became viral crazes – especially The Swoosh and Throw it Back, which had millions of views.

They’re more than dancers though and moved effortlessly out of their comfort zone and into the spotlight as musicians in 2018, dropping How You Doin’ with Breeze. Always experimenting to create a totally different new sound, they’ve performed with Costa Titch, Nasty C, Da Les, Migos, Tellaman and many more, and have been played on Channel O.

Like many artists Weekend Turn Up has interviewed for sportscene, 031 Goats say that if there was anything they could change about the local music scene it would be more collaborations – or just big artists helping newer artists to be seen and heard.

While some stars are legendary for encouraging and helping young artists, there’s still room for many more to come together and hold together, because “that’s how we build, that’s how we grow”. Join our interview to hear how 031 Goats are growing into the GOAT.