lllustrator, Graphic Designer and Street Artist Karabo Poppy Moletsane is a female powerhouse to follow. 
Karabo has done successful collabs with various brands including Nike and Sneaker lab. Her work has been featured on magazine covers, in Grammy nominated music videos and on Google Doodle for International Women’s Day 2018 (just to name a few).
Karabo has an effortless yet cool street style edge and her sneaker collection will make any sneakerhead envious.
Want to follow in Karabo’s trendy footsteps? sportscene has the exclusive deets on what it takes to be a successful female illustrator in SA. 

Karabo Poppy- Berkeley Mural

sportscene: As an illustrator what does your average day entail?
Karabo Poppy:An average day for me consists of early mornings of gym and admin,  deciding whether to work from home or the studio, illustrating on my computer well into the evening and some days I get to spend the day creating my art on unconventional canvases like walls, sneakers, bicycles or even people.
sportscene: Words of advice for young females who want to pursue a career as an illustrator?
Karabo Poppy: I would want young females who want to pursue a career in illustration to know that the industry needs them.  It needs their unique perspectives, unique narratives and their unique problem solving skills.  My advice would be for young females illustrator to pay as much attention to the business side of their careers just as much as the artistic craft side.  This is one of the agents that help guarantee longevity in your career. 
Karabo Poppy- Nike Courts

Karabo Poppy- Nike Courts

sportscene: What can you do to stand out or get noticed as a female Illustrator in SA?  
Karabo Poppy: I believe that already just being a female illustrator in SA, you stand out.  It is still a pretty young industry in our country, but if you want to stand out and get noticed for you work, from there figure out what makes your narrative and style or technique unique and use the internet to expose the world to your work.  Lastly, be a pleasure to work with, work hard, be kind and hand in on time.
Karabo Poppy- Hair

Karabo Poppy- Hair


sportscene: What challenges are you facing as a women and how are you overcoming them?
Karabo Poppy:I think one of the main challenges that I am experiencing as a women would be the lack of older/more experienced representation within my industry.  I remember starting out my career as a freelance illustrator, graphic designer and street artist and trying to find another female with the same career that has already walked that path and perhaps I could learn from their experiences.  Finding someone that fit that description was impossible at the time.  So i set out to be the representation I wished to see and pioneering something brings plenty of challenges in the sense that a lot of the lessons I learn are often first hand and through trail and error.
Karabo Poppy Pattern design

Karabo Poppy Pattern design

sportscene: Do you have a message to young girls who are facing some of these challenges?

Karabo Poppy:If you are having a tough time finding representation, go out and be the representation you wish to see for future generations to come.
sportscene: What can we expect to see from Karabo Poppy next?
Karabo Poppy: What you can expect from me would be more artworks created internationally,  a solo exhibition in November of this year as well as the launch of my clothing line early 2019.