Steezy Lenyora x Weekend Turn Up

Your weekend playlist just got LIT! We sat down with Redbat Drive model and #CapsulePutMeOn winner Steezy Lenyora all the way from the West Rand in Jo’burg (who actually goes by the real name of Derrick, but he reminded us that people prefer to call him Steezy ‘Lenyora’. Aight) to get the story behind his career in music and dropped a link to his music right here on our blog.

Let’s get straight into the deep stuff. Have your surroundings shaped you in a creative sense, and in which way? 

I think my surroundings are pretty much important because I feed off the energy that I get from it. It kind of sometimes goes into my music, into normal lifestyle and stuff like that, so it’s quite important.

How did you get started on the music scene and who are your top 3 favourite hip-hop artists of all time – locally and internationally?

I started rapping back in the days I think it was like 2007, it was a Cypher and stuff like that and that’s when I realized that I could actually do this thing and then yeah ever since, I’ve been just doing what I do. I was 16 when I started out. I think it would have to be the era of artists such as 50 Cent and Eminem. That’s when I was deeply hooked when Masacre and all came out. Kendrick Lamar, Mac Miller and locally, its tough but I would have to go with Cool E.

Other than music, what other interests do you have?

I was a professional dancer before and I just decided to take a bit of a curve and focus on music and stuff because that’s always been the passion and all.

If you could be any colour, what colour would you be?

Blue definitely. I feel like it’s a colour that’s friendly. Our sky is blue and not that I feel like I’m humbled in that manner but I am that humble being, I just look for the positivity in everybody’s personality, so I feel like blue best describes me as a whole and as a person.

Do you have anyone that you consider your mentor? How has their help or advice shaped you? 

I wouldn’t say anyone that I would regard anyone as a mentor. Although, someone who I really look up to and I who I was very close with and just watching go from show to show doing road trips and stuff, would be Khuli (Chana).

What do you hope to accomplish this year?

I really want to see my music go to greater heights. I’m really excited for people to hear my life as a whole within my music, to just learn about me. I really want to see myself at a point where I am be able to perform on big stages and make connects with people in the industry, create relationships and all that. I’m looking forward to this year and I just hope that it becomes a very good year.