On the Weekend Turn Up: KA$H CPT

We took some time with up-and-coming musician Kash CPT to find out more about the young creative’s plans to put the global spotlight on Cape Town and the talent within it with his music.


Give us KA$H in 5 minutes or less?

I am a creative and a musician. I try and make music that everyone is able to enjoy, music with a strong message but most importantly, meaning . Meaning is the most important attribute to my music. Music without a meaning is vain.

I would describe my style (in terms of music) as being something that highlights the diversity of genre. Music isn’t one thing. It can be and become anything you choose to make it. I love experimenting with different styles and coming up with new ideas. That’s where my passion lies – creating something that nobody has seen, felt or heard. I take pride in the music I make and hope that along the line I will be able to grow an influence globally to put the spotlight on Cape Town and the phenomenal talent within my city.

Around the end of the year, I plan on releasing my debut EP “SENSE” – which is the concept name of the EP at the moment. “Sense” relating to cents (money) but as well as common sense. The meaning of the name highlights the little things that make something whole. Each component that has worth, love, meaning, purity, as well as the things we as people need but don’t acknowledge: faith, patience and finding our peace.

You’ve been making serious waves in the Cape Town music scene. Do you have any plans to go national?

Regarding going national, I will take every opportunity that comes my way to let everyone I come in contact with know about Cape Town. It’s more than just me trying to say I love where I’m from. If I make it to a point where I’m able to say what I want to say to the world, I will let them know that besides diversity, Cape Town is home to unbelievable talent; dancers, artists and creatives. I can say with confidence that we house talent the world has not been exposed to yet. I want my people to win. I’m not in this for myself .

You’ve collaborated with Gemini Major and Rowlene on a track. If you could collaborate with any other SA artist, who would it be?

  1. Y?gen. I’ve looked up to Youngsta from the moment I first saw him perform at a festival I went to in Llanga townships, alongside “Drie Manskap”, as well as other Capetonian acts and Djs. I’m talking over 10 years ago. Stage presence, delivery and just his energy has always been above the rest
  2. AKA, simply because I know if I’m ever given the opportunity to work with him, I’m going to make sure I kill it 100
  3. Thirdly – Nasty C. Nasty has inspired me a lot, sonically. My sound would not be where it is now without his influence in my life. To work with him would be something I don’t think anyone’s ready for, including myself.

I try and make music that everyone is able to enjoy, music with a strong message but most importantly, meaning. Meaning is the most important attribute to my music. Music without a meaning is vain.


You have some dope visuals on your music. Where do you find inspiration and which creative do you turn to, to make your vision come alive?

Artworks are all made by a very good friend of mine in JHB – “KAYKNIGHT“. He never lets me down and always makes sure he goes above and beyond to ensure the artwork is unmatched. Visually, I trust MAXWORLD, one of the best videographers in Cape Town, as well as a friend of mine. Moody Vizuals is another excellent videographer that I can always count on if I ever need to get something shot visual wise.

You performed at Sneaker Exchange Cape Town. Are you into sneakers? Which pair is your favourite?

Sneakers have always been something I’ve never had, but always been around. I’d say my favourite sneakers are the Air Jordan 1 Retros. At the moment I like the Nike Ultra Force – kicks I can wear everywhere. I buy a pair until it is worn out and then get another pair – it’s just a really good shoe.

What message do you try to send with your music and your visuals?

The message I try and send out is something people can view and interpret as international. Something that anyone in the world can see and be visually and sonically stimulated. It is one of my goals to globalise the way I market myself as well as Cape Town.

Where does the inspiration for your stage name come from?

I wanted to have a good stage name but at the same time from the time I started rapping (2016) I wanted a name with substance. “Kash” came from Johnny Kash (the name I originally wanted to pick, but couldn’t for obvious reasons). To me it stood out as something powerful. What the name means to me is something that you NEED, in order to live. Money rules everything. Money is power. Without it, you can’t survive. I’m not trying to show people my power, or stand out by trying to show everyone I’m the best at anything. I want people to hear my music and see it, feel it and breathe it. I want my music to symbolise life to them. What’s music without a message right? There are keys in my music. Keys that could open doors to growth.  Keys that I’m not trying to keep to myself. I wan’t people to grow. We move as a unit. In the game,  I don’t want to control everything. I just want a piece. There’s enough for everyone.

Where can we see you perform?

I perform at a lot of pop-ups in Cape Town in collaboration with a lot of dope brands such as GRADE AFRICA and OHK OHK. Another spot you can catch me perform at occasionally is NIGHTSHOW CPT, an event within Cape Town devoted to NEW AGE HIP HOP. Moving forward I will be flying to Pretoria, Johannesburg, Durban and other parts of South Africa to showcase my set.

What platform do Cape Town musicians need the most to make sure their music is heard?

We need Apple music, radio stations and just the Internet. Besides that, it is very important for our artists to come together and work together so we can utilize each and every resource that is at our disposal. I emphasize and constantly urge every Capetonian artist I speak to or work with to join the movement so we can move together and grow an empire within Cape Town. ALL CREATIVES, DANCERS, ARTISTS. If we do this together, we can create another thing (the first thing being Cape Town’s views) that you won’t find anywhere in the world besides Cape Town.

There’s a certain narrative about the hardships experienced in the city being told by Capetonian musicians and artists such as yourself, Youngsta CPT, by guys in the sneaker community such Rolo Rozay and Zaid Osman, renowned artist and creative Imraan Christian with his documentaries “Ma se Kinders” and “Just Dala” and there’s been a real focus on getting that message out there. On YgenCPT.com, you’re quoted saying “I will represent CPT 021 for as long as people will lend me their ears and beyond that. I want people to respect my city, and I will do anything and everything to make sure that happens.” Do you have a plan that will see 021 being taken to the world and letting them see the Cape Town we know and love?

It’s simple to say. These actions require energy, energy which I promised myself to constantly give until I achieve my vision for CPT and even beyond that. It’s all about growth. Wherever I go, I’m representing Cape Town. There’s no time to act foolish, no time for beefing with other artists from here. The only things there are time for, is for growth and change. We as a people need to start growing together, growing the musical support, the support for creatives, dancers and all of these amazing people who can be found wherever you go throughout the Cape, throughout the flats and Cape Town as a whole. This city is a living inspiration and my goal is to build and be a part of a platform that allows people to see what I’m talking about first hand for themselves so that they can decide whether they think pushing this vision is worth it or not. The world can be against me. I will never drop this vision. It is a lifetime commitment. The legacy I leave will god-willingly inspire others to follow the footsteps of growth, faith and unity as a people. I represent the home of great people. Wherever I go, whatever I do, it’s for Cape Town.

I love my city.

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