Behind The Lyrics: Supa Dupa

South African artist and ASICSTIGER ambassador K.O (otherwise known as Mr. Cashtime) released his latest track “Supa Dupa” on Friday, 8 March 2019 and within just a few hours, #SupaDupa was a trending hash tag all across SA. We sat down with the coveted rapper, who is also known for his ever-iconic single “Caracara”, to get behind the lyrics of Supa Dupaadvice for those trying to enter the hip-hop scene and also to get his opinion about up-and-coming talent in South Africa.

You talk about being “Super duper clean when I pull up, when I pull up” in your new song, Supa Dupa. Which ASICSTIGER kicks do you like to match to your whips when you pull up for a gig or shoot?

K.O: The pair of sneakers that you’ll probably see me wearing when I’m at a show or when I’m up and about running errands is a pair of GEL SAGAS — and that’s because these shoes come in so many different colour combinations. I’m someone who is very brave when it comes to colour as well as far as my outfits are concerned. So yeah I get to make the the shoes coordinate nicely with my ‘fit a lot of the times when I step up.

The music industry is notoriously tough, when you say “Insimb’ engagobeki all my enemies are big mad“, take us through your biggest challenge to date being in the hip hop game? 

K.O: One of the toughest challenges for me something that happens on a daily basis. You can never be too comfortable in your position in this game. There’s always someone plotting to topple you. There’s always someone who is willing to take your spot and this is just like mostly a test that one has to go through on a daily basis when you can’t afford to. There’s always someone that’s eyeing your position — whether it’s your peers or whether it’s someone up and coming, inspired by you or even an industry insider who’s trying to get you out of here, so we deal with these on a daily basis.

The visuals for Supa Dupa are insane. What inspired the music video?

K.O: What inspired the Supa Dupa visuals was challenging myself. I just wanted to accomplish something different from what I’ve done before with videos and go for something that is refreshing to the eye — very playful and quirky. If you listen to the premise of the song itself, you know, it kind of sounds very introspective, self-conscious and deep. So when you hear the audio, it might lead you to thinking “okay, cool it’s a serious song”. But when coupled with the video, it gives you a whole new different feeling and perspective. So I still want to be able to seed my message and make it something educational, yet entertaining. I want them to still jam to this record in the car and dance, just have fun to the music.

Who are your top 3 freshman of the year?

K.O: If we’re talking freshman, I guess we’re talking about the guys that are already active. I for one am yet to find someone that really moves me on that level amongst the new guys. The guys that really moved me, are some of the underground guys I’ve come across. A couple of these guys are incredibly talented and I’m sitting there thinking ‘why aren’t these guys on?’ I’m doing my bit to try and get them on. For instance, there’s a young guy called Young Tyrant from the East Rand. He’s incredibly talented and I came across him on Twitter along with a couple of other undiscovered gems that are out there. I think the new guys, for me, still sound like they’re not hungry enough and I don’t think the guys have done much to shake things up. Remember how when Nasty C or A-Reece came up? We saw those guys, we acknowledged them. They were in our faces. The freshman that we currently have between last year and this year haven’t really made an indelible mark in the game, so they still need to work a little harder.

Music and kicks go hand-in-hand. What is your take on the state of sneaker- and hip hop culture in Mzansi

K. O: Sneakers and music will always go hand in hand. Right now I’m happy to see that there isn’t just one dominant brand within sneaker culture worldwide. Every brand has something different to offer and different people resonate with different brands, so I think we are in a good space right now. I can also confidently say that in SA we are on top of our game. We’re on the pulse and on the same wavelength as the rest of the world in terms of what’s hot. We are able to get the same brand and the same product as it drops all around the international market. It’s pretty dope, it’s inspiring. I want to also get my hands dirty and get to a point where I can create my own sneaker.

You recently partnered up with ASICSTIGER. What can we expect from this connection? 

K.O: The partnership with ASICSTIGER came at the right time because I have been looking for the right brand to connect with. They happen to be one brand that I really resonate with. I was a fan for the longest time before we got into business. I was ready for it and in the right space mentally because I’m also doing a lot in the apparel space: I’m heavily involved in fashion right now. So with that being said, I’d like to see myself and this whole thing play out with me having a fashion range. I don’t have a pair of shoes now and this is where ASICSTIGER comes in, to complete the ensemble. Also just beyond that, they obviously also have apparel that is absolutely crazy.

I think it was important that the whole business relationship I have with ASICSTIGER happened organically because the folks at the top that I was dealing with at ASICSTIGER immediately resonated with my personality when we first met. The energy was good both in Jo’burg and down in Cape Town. They’re an excellent team of people, it just feels like home to me and we have a five year partnership so it’s gonna be a long, fruitful journey. I’m just excited because there’s so much growth opportunities, you know? Next year is the 20th anniversary for GEL-Lyte’s. Hopefully I can get to contribute in my own way, maybe over the next few years I can come up with my own GEL-Lyte design and do a collar on the apparel side too with Skhanda World. Crossing fingers. This is a beautiful beginning. The future is endless, so many great things that we probably still going to do together and I’m very grateful and happy that this actually happened.