On the Weekend Turn Up: Khanya “The Voice” Hadebe

Khanya “The Voice” Hadebe (aka Illuminated Greens), has been heating up 1s & 2s across the city in JHB and dabbling in sneaker culture while he’s at it. This JHB-based DJ is one to look out for on both the music and fashion scene.

When did you first start DJing?

I started DJing very early in high school but I had no idea how to mix, but I formally started in 2017.

Do you prefer playing local or international music?

I love playing both local and international but I’m more inclined to playing local music just so that people can realise the talent within their borders.

What’s your favourite saying?

There are three types of guys. The guy who makes it happen, the guy who watches it happen and the guy who doesn’t know what’s happening.

Which are your favourite venues to play at?

I’ve had the grace and privilege to play for crowds as small as 3 people and as big as 20 000 people. Great Dane Bar and Sumo Nightclub will always be amongst my favourites.

What inspires the way you dress and the sneakers you wear?

The cities I grew up in and the cities I wish to explore soon. I grew up in Johannesburg and Cape Town, I wish to explore Paris, New York, and Tokyo.

You’re on a platform called “Hunting for kicks” alongside Mkay Frash. This platform covers everything youth culture including sneakers, music, events and podcasts. What is your view for this channel and how will you take it forward, being handpicked by Mkay Frash?

Hunting For Kicks is an amazing platform that I’ve had the privilege to work with, I see it pioneering sneaker and lifestyle culture into a position that can allow South Africa to be trusted to curate and direct the world into a different sphere of the culture.

What’s your view on the music scene in South Africa?

I wish to see South African music do better than what is currently going on. We need more creativity in the hip hop scene and more young kids in the house scene.

You’re often seen in one of SA’s cultural hubs, Braamfontein. What is it that makes Braam such a unique place?

Everyone has their own purpose.