South African hip hop has been on a heavy growth and one of the most people to this growth is the DJ. Today we got the Durban born Hip Hop DJ, Dj Wobbly who’s contributed heavily in taking Durban to the next level musically and is constantly at work – giving us gems, whether it’s at the club, festival or through the music he makes with his inner circle. Dj Wobbly has been heavy influence behind some of the biggest Durban original artists like Nasty C, Dreamteam and co. With all the work that he has and continues doing with his Durban familia, Dj Wobbly is also a Ivyson Tour resident DJ, making people dance throughout the country with his deck skills.

With having recently moved to Johannesburg, Dj Wobbly is on a “restart” as he discovers himself in a different city, with a different culture as he tries to take over the nation with his incredible mixing skills and his music. Check what long-time culture leader, Scoop Makhathini has to say about Dj Wobbly:

The life of a DJ is filled with layers and challenges that many may not be aware of and we thought it would be cool to chat to the man himself to find out what the life of a DJ is like and his journey into Johannesburg.


Apinda: First of all – thank you for having this conversation with me, bro. You’ve done a lot for your city, the game and the club. Do you mind breaking yourself down for those unfamiliar with “Ekse Wobbly”?

Dj Wobbly: I’m a 27 year old Hip Hop/Trap DJ from Durban, used to play house music in the hood (KwaMashu) then learnt how to mix Hip Hop. Met Breeze and he needed a DJ – I became his DJ and when we went to perform, we got to the venue and there was no Dj playing at the Hip Hop floor, I played for 2 hours and got my first break… Since that day, my career took off and I’ve released music with Witness The Funk, Dreamteam, Nasty C just to name a few…

Apinda: That’s dope! Some say you might be a local Hip Hop royalty figure in Durban. Is that true? Since you’ve worked with so many of the kings of Durban Hip Hop.

Dj Wobbly: I wouldn’t say it’s true, but my heart has been in good place. I’ve always wanted to help artists grow, but it’s hard to do that when you haven’t made it through yourself… So I link artists with the most trusted promoters to give them a chance to prove themselves…

A: A big shout out to that. As someone who’s worked in both Durban and Johannesburg, what do you feel may be the similarities and differences in the entertainment and sound between the two cities?

Dj Wobbly: The Culture is different… In Durban It’s 80% House Music 20% Hip Hop Music, hence my move to Johannesburg because it’s 80% Hip Hop Music 20% House. There are more clubs in Jhb than DBN, Durban people don’t really go out, Johannesburg people party hard and the trap here in Jhb is lit since they always updated with music. Durban is quite behind, but I love my city

A: Gotta love your city, bro. What’s your approach in tackling this difference?

Dj Wobbly: I need to reach a certain level in the game and help direct the energy to Hip Hop more than house music.

A: How’s the journey to that right now?

Dj Wobbly: I won’t lie, it’s quite hectic. There’s a lot of competition but it’s so exciting to be within it… I feel like it’s gonna be worth it at the end.

A: It sure will! Let’s get to the music. You’ve worked with some really dope cats in the game. What’s next?

Dj Wobbly: I’ve been working on a lot of music for a while now, wanted to drop a project this year but it’s been hectic concentrating on my project and building my name in a new city… So I’ve moved my deadline to next year.

A: Any hints on future features?

Dj Wobbly: Nah not yet… lol can only share when I get my verses, don’t want to jinx it.

A: That sounds major. Producers?

Dj Wobbly: Myself, Audiosims, Teabag but I’m busy trying out new producers.

A: Dope. It’s only fitting that Gemini Major’s deckmaster be good on production as well. How is it working with him?

Dj Wobbly: Definitely… It’s really great since we been friends for years.

A: That’s dope. Apparently, you own a truckload of Vans. How true is this?

Dj Wobbly: I’ve given away some to my brother… But I’m planning to get more haha.

A: How many were you standing on?

Dj Wobbly: I had 12

A: I definitely need to get my collection in check. Other than Vans, what’s your steez?

Dj Wobbly: Air Force 1s. I wanna get Airmax’s again.

A: Air Force 1s are definitely something to have. To finish the fit? What’s on the list?

Dj Wobbly: I’m usually not a fan of wearing name brands unless I’m their ambassador.

A: Oh? That’s quite interesting. What are you looking to partner with?

Dj Wobbly: Honestly, I don’t know. Still trying to figure out my look…

A: Makes sense. But that bulletproof steez works.

Dj Wobbly: It’s too much sauce!

A: Haha. Maybe you should come up with a Wobbly x Whoever Bulletproof line.

Dj Wobbly: That would be dope actually!

A: The streets need it. Thank you for everything, bro. It’s been dope.

Dj Wobbly:  Easy!

One thing about Dj Wobbly is that he’s come a long way and still has a very long way to go but his hard work, focus and vision has seen him through a lot. The rules of the game differ with every city and the bravery it took for him to step out of the comfort of being one of the hottest in his city to break into the Johannesburg and national scene talks a lot about his vision. If you don’t haven’t been to a festival with this guy on the decks, you better start now and if you haven’t booked him yet, you better start now. Before we end things, listen to Dj Wobbly’s latest single, “Ghost” with Rowlene, Kane and Lastee on Spotify: