Darne is an abstract thinker and has been breaking the “rules” of South African music since his first drop. Currently, with no project to his name, he has managed to keep himself high on a lot of people’s list of future icons in the country. His social media fame has taken him very far with his music and he’s still got a long way to go. Dubbed as a genius by many, Darne is unique with his approach to his music, his marketing and also his perfectionism. Such perfectionism may hold some back as they end up not dropping anything, but with Darne, he’s managed to keep himself at the top of everyone’s attention and playlists.

His latest release, “Location No Location” has no SoundCloud link nor is it on any store but made major rounds on the timeline for its quality and its crazy video which was shot and edited into an iPhone 8 format.  The video was so dope that it got love from MTV Base, charting at number 4 on the Base Charts. Watch the video below:

We had a chat with Darne to find out more about him and what he has in store.


A: Who is Darne?

Darne: Darne is an artist, producer and director. I dislike the term rapper – I feel it’s limiting. I work on production with Venxm and design the beats from scratch, I direct and edit videos with Cremo. However, I’m still learning – I’m still becoming. I’m still creating myself and understanding my sound.

A: You’ve been around for quite some time yet dropped so little music. What’s your secret to staying relevant when “doing” so little?

Darne: I make good music. It’s timeless. People connect w/ it forever!

A: Interesting. Do you think that’s what makes your final product so good? Your complete involvement in everything?

Darne: Definitely! It’s curated for me to like it – my type of people. It’s a complete extension of me. It’s important as an artist to put ‘you’ out there. You attract what you are and I’m real.

A: You’ve been dubbed as a genius so many times. Is that really the case?

Darne: I think I am immensely creative, I’ve always been. I’m a great fan of breaking the status quo, however, to be dubbed a genius is kinda silly, because I have a lot to prove and a lot to learn.

A: That’s beautiful, bro. When you first made your music – did you see it getting where it is the way it has?

Darne: I’ve always wanted to do music. I was in boarding school in Phokeng at the time. I didn’t understand the type of dedication the music industry takes, it just looked like one song and you’re on. As I got to Jo’burg and started learning my way around the game, I learned I have a lot to learn, a lot of patience and a lot of hard work to do. So, to answer your question I haven’t even started. I’m going further than anyone expects. For now, I need to plough the seeds and work hard. Regardless of the “Twitter / Instagram Fame“, I have to stay focused there is a lot to prove.

A: That’s vision! If you haven’t even started, what does the final vision look like?

Darne: You’ll just have to wait and see.

A: You made the song, “Benzo” with the Stelenbosch Choir – how did that even happen?

Darne: One thing I’m very passionate about is two different worlds coming together. Choir meets Venxm production trap drums and snares – I love that. If you know me you’d know it’s something I’d do. I’m like that.

A: Very true! Tell us about this partnership with Venxm. How did it come about? Y’all got some smashes together.

Darne: I first got introduced to Venom with ‘Down For The Night‘, in 2015. I enjoyed working with him. From there on, we started doing more joints together and now we’re like brothers.

A: That one “broke the net” as they say. You seem to do that a lot. Some would say that your timeline is somewhat your personal radio station. How true is that?

Darne: My TL is like my own miniature TV Channel. I get to inspire a lot of young talents to go after their dreams! It’s great because it allows me to get a dialogue going with my fan base. I’ve been growing it since 17! So yes, people have a linear story of my come up. I treat my fans like family!

A: On this miniature TV Channel, you made your own rules and made “Location No Location”. How did that come about?

Darne: I like going against the status quo! Shot it on an iPhone 8 and it went on to chart after videos by Emtee and AKA. That’s what I’m about, DIY creativity. I want kids at home to know that they can also do it themselves, regardless of their circumstances! I had a full day shoot planned but in the last minute, we couldn’t buy the charger for Cremo’s camera. So, we used old snaps because we had no footage. The video is literally old snaps from my trip to Cape Town. The rest is history, everyone knows the video!

A: Amazing! One question… Imani – why did you have to reject so many off her calls?

Darne: Imani is a Kenyan girl that I met in Braam in 2015. I really liked her but she had to move to the States which really had me touched. She wasn’t really calling me but we edited it into the video to get her attention because I would like for her to call me some day so we can chill, kick and be in love – one day!

A: Haha did you get her attention?

Darne: Yeah! She came back and we were supposed to link up but I ended up sleeping. I literally slept on the girl of my dreams.

A: Let’s talk fashion. You’re always stylin’ – what’s your wardrobe like?

Darne: When it comes to ‘fits, I’m a very old soul so I like clothes from the 90’s. I like gold accessories, durags, basketball tops, plain white tees – all 90’s. Like right now, I got Air Max 97’s on. I’m also a very active dude so sweatpants are where it’s at, too!

A: Nice! What are your favourite brands?

Darne: Calvin Klein is where the juice is but Nike is my favourite sneaker brand. I’ve been wearing Nike from around 3 years old, I even worked for Nike. Nike is something I’m very passionate about.

A: Well damn! Thank you for everything, bro. Any last words before we finish?

Darne: Shout out.


Keep up with Darne as he has been working tirelessly towards making a crispy project for all of us to enjoy. Listen to his music below and expect a Spotify link with a project soon!