Once upon a time, AKA said that the come up is a wonderful thing and the artists on the come up are not letting anything by. Today, we have Rustenburg born, Vuzu Hustle top 5 contender, D.EE XCLSV, who’s just dropped his massive single, “Hotel Room Flows” under the super label, Universal Music Group. In the past year, Universal has been on a hostile takeover of sorts, taking some of the dopest independent artists in the game and buffing them up. D.EE XCLSV, who already has music with Kwesta, DJ Switch and Maraza is a very big investment. His come up is something we can learn a lot from and his future is something that we can definitely look up to.


Listen to his latest single, “Hotel Room Flows” here:
We had a few words with D.EE and this is how it panned out:


A: Tell us – Who is D.EE XCLSV? What is he about?

D.EE: D.EE XCLSV is a 22 year old rapper/artist/musician hailing all the way from Rustenburg, currently residing in Jo’burg and is in the forefront of modern day hip hop culture.

A: You’ve been in the game for quite a while now. Walk us through this journey of yours.

D.EE: My journey’s been an interesting one. I’m literally growing up in front of your guys’ eyes, from my greatest moments on The Hustle, to my lowest points on the very same show. It’s been a crazy ride but I’ve enjoyed every single moment.

I think mainstream media caught onto me when I dropped my debut single with Kwesta, titled “Flex Life”. We did the video for that song as well and it has 30k+ views on YouTube – it also got high rotation on music channels on tv. Then I dropped my debut project “Two Hours From G-Park” which trended #1 in S.A on Twitter on the day of release. so overall, it’s been an amazing journey for me.

A: Amazing! Since we’re talking about Twitter, what’s your secret? Seems like you and the skwaa trend every time y’all do something.

D.EE: Haha, nah for me it’s really just organic love from the fans. I’m really blessed to have an active following on my socials… So, my fans really just go hard for me hey. Haha gotta give it to them.

A: Shout out to the fans! Let’s talk about The Hustle. How did that happen?

D.EE: The Hustle was actually something I was convinced to do hey. I had auditioned for the first season and I was unsuccessful. Then my girl convinced me to enter for the second season coz I initially wasn’t going to. Then, as they say – the rest is history haha.

A: You really did the most on The Hustle, shout out to your girl! Tell us about that ONE moment. I’m sure you got asked this question a lot.

D.EE: Haha THAT moment.  Nah it was just fatigue, bro. I honestly can’t explain it myself… It was just a combination of mental fatigue, anxiety and nerves. So, I actually HAD a verse written that day but it wasn’t ready to be presented. Like, I didn’t know it off by heart (I just write it) so that’s what I meant – but AKA and the other judges thought I meant I had nothing at all. Before I knew it, the words were already outta my mouth.

A: Oh man. Now fast forward – Flex Life featuring Kwesta. How did THAT happen?

D.EE: Haha Again, The Hustle. He saw me on the hustle, on the episode where I won the challenge. At the finale, he told me to take his number, and call him anytime. Initially, I thought that meant I’m signing to Raplyf, but nah… So, we then decided to send him some music and hopefully he’d jump on one of them. Thank God, he liked Flex Life and then that was it!

A: Shout out to Kwesta for that. Congratulations on the 40K views. Did you get what you expected from the song?

D.EE: To be honest, it exceeded my expectations the moment Kwesta said he’ll record on it. From there, everything was just a dream for me. So of course!

A: That’s love. After Flex Life, you gave us “Two Hours From G-Park”. Can you run us through your mind state when you made it?

D.EE: Damn. Well, to be honest, Two Hours happened during me trying to make Flex Life. It was literally all the songs that I was making in the studio, trying to find Flex Life, you know? So yeah. It just means my road through everything that I’ve encountered since my Vuzu Hustle episode. My happy days, my sad days, my turnt days haha.

A: Are you saying every song could’ve had Kwesta on it? Crazy. Before we talk about your new song, “Hotel Room Flows”. Let’s talk about you being with Universal – is the bag as big as they say?

D.EE: Haha it’s big, yeah. Nah I’m joking, obviously, my contract is confidential so I can’t disclose the details, but what I can tell you is that we worked on the deal for a good 3 months… So I’m 100% happy with my contract.

A: Amazing!! Are you looking at working with anyone from the stable?

D.EE: Yeah, Definitely. Universal has a heavy roster of artists that I’m keen to work with. Obviously Nasty C, Una Rams, Burna Boy – a lotta artists, actually.

A: That’s heavy, man. Now, “Hotel Room Flows” – that’s a really cool title. How did that come about?

D.EE: After signing to Universal, I went to a hotel with the skwaa. Haha, it was actually crazy. We went there for a celebration, but we ended up playing beats and recording. Literally, that’s what it was – in my hotel room with the Henny bottle and Luna just made magic happen.

A: Haha your life seems like a movie, bro. What’s the next step from this? An album? Tape?

D.EE: Haha yeah pretty much bro. it’s crazy. Yeah, definitely an album from me. Now that I’m with a major label, I think I’d wanna drop an album – with the right support, you now?

A: That’s great! Let’s talk about the game. Apparently, it’s cold. You got your Redbat Jacket on? Haha

D.EE: Hahahaha nah man. The Game is quite cold, yeah but if you just have your business on lock, you’ll be alright. I’ve been through my fair share of downs but look, bro, if it’s for you it’s for you and nothing can stop that.

A: That’s amazing, bro. What are your ambitions internationally? For you and the culture.

D.EE: I’ve actually got a few international features already. Shout out to my gita, Zion Foster – but ah bro, it’s just about growing and expanding for me, anyway I can.

A: Great! And fashion? What’s your swagg like?

D.EE: I like feeling comfortable hey – track pants and tops. That’s me. I also loooooove my sneakers – Air Force 1’s!

A: Heat! That’s all! Thank you for everything, fam. Be nice

D.EE: It’s all love, famo. Thank you for the love, also.



2018 has been a crazy year for South African music and with Universal’s introduction of D.EE, it’ll be exciting to see how far they take him and the heavy list of major and upcoming artists. If you liked “Hotel Room Flows”, be sure to listen to D.EE XCLSV’s music on Spotify: