I am an upcoming music artist signed to an indie record label based in Pietermaritzburg called Reverb Enterprises. To brief you about my self, uWerMine is an artist who is growning track after track, a music artist that accepts a challenge, an artist who embraces being different and who’s not ashamed of and who is hungry to show case his uniqueness to people in the industry and world wide. Motivation to my family members who are shunned upon, peers and the younger kids from where I am from is the next order of business. Reaching out to the younger kids and making them aware about how they can live life differently, keeping them away from the streets and motivating them to choose success rather then doing drugs and hustling for the next score day in day out, and to give them advice on how not being for instance Mr or Mrs popular in school does not necessarily mean that one is any less attractive or less interesting then the popular kids ,whether in school , varsity or even at the workplace. To get to the point , I believe my artistry has a place in the industry because as one of those kids who were not not popular in school , who always took last place in things society considers paramount, I believe through my music i can help the next teenager who is in the exact circumstance I was in back then. The aim is to help them believe more in themselves and live life without the fear of being judged and repramanded by people who simply fail to understand who they really are.


@UwerMine_PMB_RSA reverb_ent