Following his release of Practice x Reebok Classics (music video below!), AKA’s newly released album “Touch My Blood” has gone Gold in a week. His singles are on heavy rotation and his name is on billboards all over the country. It’s only fitting that we unbox the reason behind AKA’s countrywide domination. Like Rouge said, “There is a method to this madness surely”. Let’s get straight to it and see what it’s about!



1. Touch My Blood

AKA starts the album off really strong – crisp production by Tweezy, a world class hook and on point lyrics in the verses. Some hints of a “current girl” there but I won’t get into that with assumptions LOL! The song is a perfect package for an introduction as he talks about his lavish lifestyle, his journey in the Hip Hop game, a touch of politics and his newly found presence in the boardroom as you would as per his Beam Group company and his noteworthy deals with Reebok and Cruz. Overall this is an amazing intro for his album – it immediately excites you for more.

2. Fully In

Straight after a strong intro, AKA makes it a turn up with his Tweezy produced, “Fully In”. This song is a jump from start to finish, filled with swaggadocious flows, braggadocious lyrics and a thumping bassline. He talks a lot about his partnership with Reebok and even hints that he’s about to “Virgil Abloh” – a new line, maybe? Know that we’ll have it first! You can tell that he was amped when recording this song as his chains hit each other in the background throughout the song. You can’t really blame him for the excitement. Can we talk about the video, though?! Sheesh! AKA brought the same energy that he had when recording the song straight to the video. Clean visuals, simple concept, SUPA MEGA does it again.

3. Beyonce

Oh my! The day this dropped, the internet broke and you can tell why – he even said it would, himself. Hype aside, this is one of the most personal songs he’s ever released. On this song, he addresses his former relationship with his ex and let it all out. Talking about his hopes for the relationship and her lack thereof, how the relationship affected his relationship with Zintle, he even compared how he felt at the moment to how Kanye felt when making 808’s and Heartbreaks. Overall the song isn’t the best on the album but it gets the message across.

4. Reset ft. JR and Okmalumkoolkat

AKA continues the heartbreak chronicles with assistance from legends JR and Okmalumkoolkat. This is one of those “Flex on My Ex” kinda songs and hints that she was only with him because of what he has and not who he is. This song carries a lot of questions for AKA’s ex about her intentions with him, packed with emotional vulnerability – listen to it enough, you’ll feel his pain. Malumz came in with the usual swag, JR came in with the usual emotionally powerful hooks – an overall masterpiece.

5. Amen ft. L-Tido

First things first, shout out to AKA and 16v for squashing their 10 year old beef. This was a surprising moment for a lot of his listeners as some may remember that AKA once said that he’ll never make a song with L-Tido. This Tweezy produced jam is one for the long drives by the beach with the top off. His approach is quite interesting as he references different presidents and what he’d do if he was in their shoes when they reigned. The concept is key as he also hints on how one stays in the game as long as long as he has, which is fitting because he featured another king of his generation. Great song!66

6. Magriza ft. Kwesta

For all those who doubted AKA’s lyrical acumen, this song is for you. He pairs up with Kwesta, who’s arguably the most perfect person to call for such a song and he kills it! This song continues his OG stamping that he started on “Amen” as he talks about his history as an artist in the country, his infinite endorsement deals and how he’s still arguably the biggest in the country – a true muscle flex for any doubters. Everything about this song screams “OG”, even with the “Can you feel it?!” chant. This one is a definite listen.

7. Sweet Fire

After all that muscle flexing, AKA brings it back to his love life but this one tells the story just before things went fatally wrong with his previous relationship. He hints at him fighting as hard as he can to keep her but also sees no hope. This love story is carried through by Master A Flat’s glorious keys, giving it a futuristic Funk sound that’s unique to AKA’s music. The release of this song gave a huge indication of the album’s direction and it was executed perfectly. Amazing song – a highlight in this album.

8. Caiphus Song

Caiphus song was the first hint at issues between AKA and his ex but was soon covered as a “PR Stunt”. It tells a story of a love torn man that will do anything for his woman. Most parts of the songs are happy and joyful about his relationship with her but there are hints that there are complications in the mix, those of which are covered in glitz and glam. Yet another super personal song by AKA and also one of the early signs of the album’s direction was given through this song. Beautiful song!

9. Fela In Versace ft. Kiddominant

On this one AKA comes with what could be his continental single. This vibey Afrobeats fusioned song features Nigerian super producer, Kiddominant which is also one for the drive but could be popular with the clubs. AKA’s flawless execution on this song shows off his versatility as an artist and he decided not to take it too far with his personal content by just letting the song stay a good vibe. His referencing of classic Kwaito lyrics and flows is notable, refreshing, too! Listen to this song on your way to work and you’ll have an amazing day, trust me!

10. Zone

Zone is one of the least talked about songs on the timeline but in my opinion, it should be one of thee most reminiscent to listen to. It’s Kwaito referencing is also pulled in from “Fela In Versace” and taken to the next level. At this point, AKA doesn’t need to try too much as he’s already proven through is concepts and content that he truly is a king in SA music. This song is a the equivalent of a good time with your family, doing the step by the yard. Another classic by AKA.

11. Jika

Jika is a surprising fusion of Afrobeats and Afropop – somehow, he made it work! This Yanga assisted jam adds onto the South African rooted classic references and carries the feeling that “Zone” exhudes. This could easily be someone’s wedding song – it inspires positive vibes, love and happiness. This also shows a certain growth in AKA’s music, he’s doing things that we’d never expect to hear from him. How many classics does this count as? I’ve honestly lost count! Keep this song on repeat!

12. The World Is Yours

AKA dominated an entire year single-handedly with this one song! In the midst of going independent, he decided to announce him getting into album mode with one of the strongest singles he’s ever given. His music video was so flashy that his vacation made headlines for being “too expensive for his wallet”. Little did we know that straight out of that vacation, he’d be on a bagging spree. This song was the beginning of a new era in Hip Hop and this era is #TouchMyBlood.

13. Me and You

This song is a celebration of his W’s and the perks that come with them as a South African artist. At this point, he has nothing more to prove – just listen and have a good time. Everything about this song is simple and fun, the bass guitar will get you bumping your shoulders and singing along. Have fun with the homies on this one.

14. Starsigns ft. Stogie-T

The much talked about Starsigns – so many talking points, where does one even start? We can definitely start off with the fact that AKA held nothing back! He had a lot to say about a lot of things in the industry and around him – Stogie did not make things easier for anyone, too. This song is AKA’s reflection on the controversies that he’s overcome to get to the level that he’s at in the country. To be quite honest, no one has lasted at the top longer than he has and he’s due the respect that he demands on this song. Constantly reinventing himself, the country’s sound and pushing the culture for 10 years is a lot for one man! AKA aside, Stogie’s verse is nothing short from phenomenal – the wordplay, rhyme schemes, flows!

15. Mame ft. JR

AKA and JR’s music relationship has given us so many hits, it’s hard not to get excited when you see them work together again. Mame challenges everyone to realize their own dreams in their own terms, to become the best that they can be and celebrate their wins. It also challenges the leaders to open their ears to the youth for direction. The message in this song goes beyond music – respect to AKA for sending such a powerful message for his fans to listen to.

16. Daddy Issues II

On this song, AKA continues to tackle social issues. He talks about the Instagram lifestyle and dangerous social lives that we live in our twenties. A lot of the conversation carried in this song is sensitive so we won’t be discussing much about it. The song, overall, is filled with emotion and passion from AKA, it’s as if he has been affected directly by this lifestyle. I think it’s best to listen to the song to fully understand it. The good news is that Kairo is finally featured on her daddy’s work and she sounds so cute!

After listening to the album, it is safe to say that AKA opened up more than he’s ever opened up on his music. With him living a public life, he found it compelling that he answers the questions that he left unanswered through the last year or so. It was quite refreshing to hear every song link with the other, making the album a nicely woven piece of art. Everything in that album told you something about him and his mind state at the moment. Congratulations to MEGA for an amazing piece of work and congratulations to his fans for elevating their artist to Gold status in a week.

What’s next for the MEGA? Will he “go Virgil Abloh” and give us a Reebok x AKA line? If there is, we’ll be lurking, fam!


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