Kgotlelo Bradley Seki0 (aka K.Skits), performance artist and DJ that is based in Johannesburg and is known for expressing out his creativity in various ways, so defining him with generic words just doesn’t seem right for this intro, but lets just say he is definitely an experience, and more.

First, for those who might not know who you are, could you tell us a bit more on who Kgotlelelo Bradley Seki0 is, and his backstory?

Kgotlelelo is a babe from Alexandra, I started dancing when I was 8 and then I formally got trained as a dancer from age 14 , did some ballet, contemporary and Spanish dancing in high school and have done informal training in other genres outside. I have 2 siblings that I actually happen to adore. I think I should also confess that I am a plant lover. We have known you to be very influential within the fashion scene because of your personal and brand work.

Have you always been interested in music, or was there a certain moment that sparked that love of it for you? 

I mean I have always loved music, it keeps me company but in 2017 when I first laid hands on the decks courtesy of Fela Gucci when my partner and I at the time played at an event called Cunty Power, that’s when I was like “AH! This is for me” You have a unique sense of style. What would you say, are your five top tips for someone seeking to find their voice in the fashion or creative industry, especially in SA?

You have a unique sense of style. What would you say, are your five top 0ps for someone seeking to find their voice in the fashion or creative industry, especially in SA?

I honestly just think staying true to yourself goes a long way. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t the same person I am now as I was during my childhood with this very carefree look that I would like to
think I posses and I would advise anyone that wants to get into the industry to allow themselves to present the best and most authentic version of themselves and do all the necessary learning in order
to mold themselves into what they would like to offer.

How do you manage to maintain your different roles in fashion, music and s0ll be the K.Skits people know and love?

I love having balance in my life and I do that by putting as much needed time as I need to into personal well-being and that’s by being around people that matter the most to me and just also giving myself enough time to myself.

We have all seen how difficult it is for the youth to establish themselves, especially within the creative culture. You have gotten to a point where you work with brands professionally. What would you say helped you get to this level? What sort of qualities do you have?

I want to give a perfect answer by saying I was just lucky but I suppose there is something in the handwork that I put into my practice that happens to draw people into having an interest in my work
and like I mentioned earlier on about staying true to yourself, people sense that and are able to tell when someone is just putting creative work that is an extension of themselves which I think and
hope is what has gotten me this far.

What can you tell us about your visual project ‘Existentialism’ and the creative process behind it?

Oh my word, this is so cool, I actually dint expect this question (big smile on my face) Existentialism in definition is a philosophical theory which reiterates how the existence of a person is one that is of
free flow in which the individual is responsible for their actions through the act of will. It’s a body of work that I started working on in 2019, its a reflection of the kind of life I’ve been leading as a queer
body that explores free flow as a human in relation to how the existence of human consciousness is endless and doesn’t only end in the present. The work looks also into living a life of split realities
which I have cultivated for myself through visual arts, it allows me to be a completely different person or more so just another extension of myself. The creative process is actually the easiest out of
all the works I’ve done before and everything happens as a self portrait piece, from the video work as well as the images that come from it. The work in general is always has classical music in the
background which helps me a lot in the process of creating the work.

Briefly describe your Sportscene Radio experience?

My Sportscene radio experience was really fun, I have played live before but not a radio kind of platform so it was a new experience that I really enjoyed also the staff that I got meet on the day had
really good vibes so it felt like a party.

What inspired the set you played for your Sportscene Radio feature?

The feature happened to be on a day that’s before my birthday so I actually was drawn towards wanting to play a set that will also give me a good time as well if I was walking through a store and
shopping for some sneakers on a Saturday afternoon.