My interest for DJing started when I was 12. I started mixing on a laptop with my homie Kurt Johnson. We formed a duo and everything started from there. He gave me so much music at that time, music which I still use today. I started playing on CDJs in 2013 with Notbenjamin & Just V. Everything started moving from there.

Trap Testament was inspired by faith. It was an expression of how I felt during the lockdown period. I felt the need to produce something that would allow people to become positive & regain their faith. Trap Testament was actually a message, if you listen to the vibes & lyrics of the selected songs—especially the intro, you’ll understand.

I never think it’s too early for anything. I love collaborations. If I’m in the right space & time, I would definitely work on something. An album is at the back of my mind but I’m not in a rush. It could happen any time, I just need to wake up inspired & the process might just start on that day. hahah

During the pandemic I was in Rustenburg and that changed my perspective of everything. Even how I process situations mentally.  It gave me urge to keep going. I was able to do all the work I was doing because I worked very closely with Ketu Meso. He was on the same frequency as myself & work was organic to us. So basically the people around me kept me going. Through conversations and genuine love.

Ebumnandini always has something up it’s sleeve. We have a collaboration in the vaults with a Cape Town event, but I can’t say too much. The restrictions are ‘cooling down’ but they still aren’t allowing us to execute Ebumnandini the way our people love it. It’s always at capacity & high energy till 4AM, if it’s not that way— it changes everything. The conversations are happening & we’ll be back soon with a banger.

My sportscene mix was genre bending & with a dash of high energy. I aimed to play a mixture of some local & internal music. I still wish I could’ve went crazier with the energy but I had to keep reminding myself that we are actually in a store.

I enjoyed the fact that the mix was playing in 300 stores in the country. I always want good music as a customer walking into a store. Music that I would listen to at home. Not what’s trending but what’s good. So that’s how I was going about my selection.