Princess Mola (aka Princess the DJ) is known for her fire DJ sets and occasionally appears on our tv screens. Princess who grew up in Soweto and is between three daughters, one of those sisters being a self-taught stylist, designer and owner of Style Alert SA that goes by the name Thuli Mola. But our favourite DJ is claiming her success in her own lane through playing fire sets whenever she is booked to play.

You mentioned in a previous interview that you enjoy experimenting with different sounds, would you describe yourself as an ‘open-format’ DJ?

PRINCESS – PRINCESS THE DJ: Yes, without a doubt.


How would you describe your journey of experimenting with different sounds?

PRINCESS – PRINCESS THE DJ: It has opened a lot of opportunities for me, especially with global brands.


With COVID-19 affecting the whole world, and almost every working industry, how would you say it has affected your profession?

PRINCESS – PRINCESS THE DJ: I believe perspective is everything… When the lockdown kicked in I saw that as an opportunity to better my Djing and start a skincare business catering for melanin skin concerns (@dear_skinn_sa), the business keeps growing and people are responding well to it. So, with that happening, I was able to focus more on the positive.


Where does Princess the DJ get the inspiration to continually push to do what she does best through all the good times & tough times?

PRINCESS – PRINCESS THE DJ: My love for music and getting paid for it (wink).


What would you say is distinctive about your DJ sets? And briefly touch on what could someone expect to hear whenever they see your name on a headline.

PRINCESS – PRINCESS THE DJ: Versatility, Expections: Having a good time!


How would you rate your set you played recently at Sportscene in comparison to when you played for the first time at the Sportscene store opening?

PRINCESS – PRINCESS THE DJ: My first time had a more hip-hop setup, this time the house set was crazy… a party for sure. This is obviously influenced by the time slot.


What inspired your latest mix, for Sportscene Radio?

PRINCESS – PRINCESS THE DJ: My first hour was hip hop and the second was house, the inspiration for that was to show supporters and consumers that the Spotscene is for everyone.

What did you enjoy most about the Sportscene Radio experience?

PRINCESS – PRINCESS THE DJ: The set-up, the energy and the fact that the brand is changing typical retail shopping into an experience. Love it…




Images by @zeetakesnicepictures.