Lubonk, is an exciting new and emerging new DJ on the scene that is eager to show the industry what he is all about. If you party around Johannesburg, you have most likely have seen his name on a line-up and probably wondered who he is. In the interview below we get know Lubonk and find out more about his musical journey.

 What inspired the name ‘Lubonk’?

The whole idea behind the alias was to come up with the something unique and the name Lubonk then came to life and which is made up of both my first names. 

When did your musical journey begin?

It has been over 12 years collecting music with peers and close friends, but I only started deejaying in 2014.

 What do you aim to achieve as a DJ?

Playing at some of the best festivals around the globe, releasing lots of music, and I already have two EPs being licensed by international labels both coming out next year, working on more with stuff with a talented individual by the name @marcopex_sa as we speak. 

Briefly breakdown the creative process behind compiling ‘The Odssey Guest Mix’?

Finding some fresh new tunes coming out of South Africa’s best producers bedrooms and making sure they resonate with each other sharing similar elements that adds as a great build up and keeps the tempo of the mix flowing. 

Do you have any words of advice you could give to those kids trying to do what you do?

Know what you’re getting yourself into, it isn’t as easy as it looks, have passion for it and read as much information as you can about the industry, attend workshops and register a DJ license if you’re looking to make this your career. 

 What stood out for you as you begun to play on Sportscene Radio, with regards to in-store engagement?

Because it was during the day, setting the mood is the first thing on my mind, from there on, things start flowing. And because we at a sandton branch, Mammabear Streffs is bound to pop up, she is a 60 year old female who is in love with music, the moment she walked in the store, it felt surreal, honestly wouldn’t mind doing it again.