Phola Ayanda Gumede (aka LoveslavePhola), is an outstanding DJ that has been on numerous line-ups across the country. Not only does her great taste in music get recognized but also her own personal style, as she clearly knows how to put an outfit together.

Why the name ‘LoveslavePhola’?

It actually started off as an internal joke between myself and a friend because I used to say “I loooove this song” a lot, lol. 

When did you begin DJing?

I began DJing in 2013, one of my first gigs was at Trunks and Cast which was a fashion event hosted by Boogy Maboi.

What sort of opportunities has being a DJ presented to you?

I’ve gotten the opportunity to play at events and stages that I didn’t imagine I’d play at.

Your latest mix ‘UTOPIA’, what was the inspiration behind the concept?

The inspiration behind ‘UTOPIA’ was for me to create a mood / feeling that feels like ultimate utopia. I wanted to take my listeners on a nostalgic / cosmic journey.

How were you keeping your spirits up during the lockdown?

Music, popcorn, sitting in the sun and FaceTime calls with my friends.

Briefly describe the mix you played on Sportscene Radio?

The mix I played on Sportscene Radio was feel good music. A combination of hip-hop, old school and future beats. What I enjoyed the most about my Sportscene Radio experience was that then customers in the store showed me love whilst playing my set.