DJ Venom, Pretoria based DJ is hot and new on the scene and you have probably seen him on his #SummerTimeVeezy tour with some of your favourite artists such as Boity, Riky Rick and Costa Titch just to name a few. We had conversation with Mr #Summertime Veezy to know more about him and his aspirations as a DJ.

 How do you feel about your growth so far when you reflect on how far you have come?

I feel like God has been really good to me, I definitely still have a long way to go but given the type of year 2020 has been and the little I’ve been able to achieve, we can only praise the lord.

You have been working hard for a minute and many have witnessed the battles and situations you have been through, but we would like to ask, what were some of the biggest challenges you have had to face, or maybe are still facing today, within your career?

 The biggest challenge has to be finding myself and being comfortable with who I am……away from that I’d say standing out as a Hip Hop DJ in a time where Amapiano is the in thing has been pretty hard but where there’s a will there’s a way 🙂  

What are some of the things you would change in the ‘industry’ if given a chance?

I’d definitely change the criteria of booking DJs/Artists. Social media has made it possible for mediocre acts to be given a platform based off hype and not talent and I for one don’t agree with it

What would you say is distinctive about your mixes that differentiates you from the rest?

Away from the song selection and the capability to tell a story through the music, I’d definitely say it’s the ability to mix hip hop on 3 decks.


 Let us talk about #SummerTimeVeezy tour, y’all are EVERYWHERE! What is your goal with the tour? Besides using it to change your life and family, do you have a bigger purpose behind why you do it?

So #SummerTimeVeezy was supposed to be an annual event held in Pretoria basically to celebrate myself and my industry friends, unfortunately Covid had to happen so I decided to break it down and take the experience to different places at a smaller scale. After what I’ve experienced, I believe everyone should have a taste of the energy we’ve got to give

Being on the panel of judges for this year’s MTV Base Hottest MCs 2020, what are your thoughts on SA hip hop right now?

In terms of music I think nothing is lacking, we’ve got a lot of dope artists releasing dope music, however I do believe that the Hip Hop industry lacks unity, and that’s slowing us down from reaching great heights. I look forward to when the new wave takes over


What inspired you to play the mix you played on Sportscene Radio?

I really just wanted to take people through a journey of hip hop, from the old school internationally to where hip hop has been in Mzansi to what’s popping now both locally and abroad. I also gave out some exclusive music from myself and some industry friends

 Lastly, what did you enjoy most about your Sportscene Radio experience?

It has to be the friendly and vibrant stuff. I’m a big believer in energy’s and they made the entire 3 hours a vibe for me and the customers at the store. Love them