DJ Slade (aka The Boy Slade), Joburg based DJ that describes his Disc Jockey skills as versatile, when it comes to putting mixes for his sets. He currently has 4 mixes on SoundCloud and one of those mixes is hip-hop while the rest is ‘Yanos’. Read the interview below to find out more about DJ Slade and his journey of music.

 When did you realize you want to become a DJ?

In 2014 I gained an interest in Virtual DJ then I was playing around with it for years. Only in 2017 I took it serious as a career

What Inspired the transition you made from ‘Dawn of Trap’ to the ‘Dawn of The Yanos’ DJ mixes you drop on SoundCloud?

I wanted to be versatile. I had a situation where I couldn’t get a gig because I was a Hip Hop DJ at the time and they were looking for a Gqom DJ so I figured why don’t I just play Gqom as well, then from Gqom I went into Amapiano.

Now that we know you can mix both ‘hip-hop’ and ‘Yanos’, which sound are you more comfortable playing at gigs or do you adjust your mixes and curate according to the crowd you will be playing for?

I adjust the sound according to the crowd or what I’m booked for, but I’m more happier with dance music

What aspirations do you aim to have as a DJ, with regards to your impact and the sound you will be leaning towards the most?

Definitely want to see myself expand internationally and being the guy to help other aspiring musicians to whichever aspect I can

For the people that will be reading this interview, what should they expect to hear or experience when whenever they see your name on a headline for an event that they will be attending?

They should expect a MAZZZAA. 

When did you realize you want to become a DJ?

I love what I do and just making people happy when they’re out to have fun


Describe your Sportscene Radio experience in 5 words?

I can’t even use 5 words because I enjoyed it beyond explaining in such a short sentence, I’ve never played for 3 hours so it was also something new I experienced

What was the highlight of your Sportscene Radio experience?

As I was playing an old lady walked up to me and told me how much she loves my set, I don’t remember ever impressing an elderly person with my set