Ayanda Mdluli (aka Ayanda MVP), can simply be described as someone that is ‘happy, eccentric and active’. She is also known for being a radio personality on 947 radio station at the same time, while being a hip-hop DJ.

I want to start off by touching on how DJs have always played a big role in terms of breaking out new songs at events/parties, for example. That does not seem to happen as often nowadays, especially within our industry culture. What would you say has changed over the years that make us feel this way?

I think people are used to hearing popular music they see on TV or hear on radio. It doesn’t mean the DJ is not exposing them to new music, it just means they are certain events that want a dj to play something familiar. I do both. I will play a song they don’t know followed by a popular song they do know to keep the vibe going.

Does the relationship between the artist and DJ still matter?
Absolutely. Artists still send us DJs what we call a DJ pack of one song that would include: The radio edit, extends, acapella, clean or dirty intro etc because they want djs to play their song at events on radio etc.

How would Ayanda MVP describe the development of SA hip hop scene these days, especially during the pandemic?
The pandemic really set a lot of SA hip hop movements back. Events and listening sessions were a way of reaching out to the audience and if you are in the hip hop scene, you want to be seen. Events like Capsule Fest brought lovers of Hip hop together and not having such meant we were loosing out on an income and also meant relying on online platforms to reach out to supporters who were so accustomed to seeing us live.

Would you say the growth is positive?
It’s been hard but SA Hip hop never gives up on the culture or the movement.

What sort of challenges have you faced within the DJing scene that you still face today, but that has also helped you build you up? We could only imagine that things are three times harder knowing that you are a female in a predominantly male industry.
So many to mention but definitely equipment that varies from gig to gig, attitude from certain stage managers and having to deal with last minute changes.
Being a woman in the DJ industry is quite testing of emotions if having to deal with people yourself. But generally, people are now more open and accepting of women DJs and we are growing in number fast. I love it!

How do you manage to maintain your different roles in being a radio personality while also being a hip-hop DJ and still be the AYANDA MVP people know and love?
GYM! LOL exercise helps give me energy for the day and of course getting people on board to help me manage my time on air and with gigs. The biggest thing is to still have passion and love for all these crafts.

How have you been keeping your spirits up nowadays? Do you have any advice for the youth that is out there that is current lot struggling to find a positive in the way we currently live?
With music! It really does help to listen to music that keeps you going or gives you time to think about life in general. My message to everyone is to always be hopeful, life will always come with hardships and as the youth, we never let that get in our way so stay hopeful molifeng!

Where should the people catch Ayanda MVP since we are back to level one?
Every Sundays from 1pm to 7pm on the Rockets Bryanston rooftop, I host MVP Sundays. This is for the hiphop or trapsoul you never hear at evnts because it’s so mellow but it’s perfect for a Sunday afternoon.

What inspired the set you played at the on Sportscene Radio over the weekend?
The CULTURE of course! Playing for three hours reminded how in love I am with hiphop and there were many songs dropped during Lockdown Level 5 we never got to enjoy, so I made sure to include those and a lot of trap cuz Sportscene really does fit the Hip hop way of music.

What was the highlight of your Sportscene Radio experience?
When a group of young ladies came upstairs to turn up with me! I love the younger generation. So fearless and always excited about innovative activities molifeng.

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