sportscene x adidas Orginals South Africa introduces The Come Up

We’re bringing you weekly conversations to help you lock down your future and secure the bag.

This segment sees sportscene and adidas Originals teaming up to host a selection of industry leaders in various sectors of the South African arts and entertainment industry. If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to make it into one of the industries we’ll be covering, such as content production, creative directing, music/talent managing, this is the right conversation to join.

Your host: Xzavier Kunene

The weekly feature is hosted by art director and designer, Xzavier Kunene (also known as Ricky Kunene).

Born in Durban, KwaZulu Natal in 1992, Xzavier Kunene has earned a degree in Creative Brand Communication – specializing in Visual Communication, from Vega School of Brand Leadership. It was here that he learned not only about marketing and design principles but also about the concept of collaborative working.

Coming off his collaboration for the Pharrell Williams SUPERSHELL campaign -alongside The Sartists,, Xzavier has been part of the Originals team within adidas South Africa’s marketing department since initially interning in October 2014 with the brand.

The art director will be live on Instagram (@sportscene_sa) to host a variety of pioneers in the creative industry every week Monday, at 4pm. He will cover everything from campaigns that they have worked on, how they made it into their industry, challenges and wins experienced, as well as the future of their industry.



Mookho Ntho is an upcoming visual artist. Though her foundation into the art world at a young age was in fashion illustration, as she grew up, she was exposed to more explorations of self-expression, mediums, and art movements. Her early works focused on social activism shedding light on issues such as poaching, famine, and self-esteem. Currently her works portray the perfect union of her love for both fashion and art. She uses fashion to blur gender identities of the subjects in her painting.

Beginning her journey as an artistically-inclined child, in Maseru, Lesotho, her creative expression was influenced by desire to be visible in the art word. Growing up she did not feel represented enough as a black person in art, to remedy that she uses art to make sure that black people are visible. She produces African contemporary art using oil paints with focus on portraits and close-ups. Her work is inspired by nature, emotions and feelings she experiences around her. Her art allows her to relive moments, create moments she has not experienced, and to express herself when she doesn’t have the words to.

“Create with intent”.


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Conversations to lock down your future.

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