Tinuke Eboka is our first Sole Women and a force to be reckon with.

Dominating the fashion industry, bagging degrees and doing it all in sneakers and effortless style.


In partnership with adidas Originals, we took the time to chat to three women killing it in the streetwear space, women breaking boundaries and spearheading the  movement of sneaker culture. These are the New Age Girls‘.

Tinuke Eboka was one of the three women that came to mind as the New Age Girl, with a history of a strong fashion background and business acumen to back it up, we couldn’t resist being drawn to her unique narrative in streetwear.

Recently completing her Masters in Fashion Marketing and Visual Communication at Polimoda, this Sole Women is a multi-faceted creative booming in South Africa. Dabbling in the likes of production and most recently creatively directing and styling Nadia Nakai in ‘The Plug‘ September editorial piece. There is no doubt her waves are here to stay.

We caught up with Tinuke to chat about all things sneakers and more:


  1. Tell us a bit about yourself, what is your vibe/what are you into? 

 I’m kind of a jack-of-all trades when it comes to fashion. I write, shoot, style and direct depending on what the project calls for. I recently just completed my Masters in Fashion Marketing and Visual Communications at a fashion school in Italy. Hopefully I can travel back out when the world calms down.

 2. Have you always found yourself drawn to the streetwear/sneaker space?

I’ve always been a sneaker collector before I was consciously aware of it. I used to spend hours sitting on Tumblr and fashion blogs after school. Thats where I got exposed to the world streetwear which was still a subculture back then.

3. Tell us a bit about your sneaker journey and how it all started. 

  I was a huge tomboy growing up and my older brother, Elu, was really into the skateboard scene so I used to love those chunky thick skater shoes. Also, my primary school let us wear any shoes we liked so sneakers literally became part of my daily uniform and its been that way since. 

4. Tell us about your favourite pair adidas Originals sneakers right now? 

 Lately I’ve been really inclined to basic sneakers like superstars, they are the most comfy kicks to lounge around in. 

 5.On your podcast with DEAD. radio you spoke about constantly traveling around and recently completing your Masters at Polimoda, tell us a bit more about your thoughts on the sneaker space there versus back home?  

 Funnily enough its not that different. There’s a great universality to streetwear because we are all being exposed to the same references and inspiration on social media. However because people in SA can’t always access the same  “drip” as folk in major capitals I think people here are a lot more creative with their style and less reliant on big brand names. 

 6. Who are your favourite sneaker enthusiasts at the moment? 

 I don’t actually actively follow any sneakerheads but my favourite style inspo on the gram right now are @pettygou,@linmick and @josefinehj 

7. Lastly how many pair of sneakers do you own? 

 I’ve been “Marie Kondo”ing my closet recently but I think I still got around 50 pairs.

From spending hours on Tumblr blogs after school to now being a jack of all trades in fashion, Tinuke is going to be a key contributor to the future fashion industry of South Africa and we know she’s going to kill it. Watch her full feature on YouTube now.



Words by Risima Makaukau