Redefining self-expression through her multi-disciplinary passions, tamara moeng is a #SoleWomen with many talents?  and we got the chance to catch up with her about her sneaker journey and more.


For this month’s Sole Women feature we bring you a familiar face in the fashion space. From being featured in the adidas Originals #HomeOfClassics campaign to interpreting many other adidas silhouettes, we caught up with Tamara Moeng, a Pretoria based model and creative to chat about all things sneakers and more – 

  1. Tell us a bit about yourself?

This question’s always the hardest to answer, haha. Well, I’m Tamara Moeng and I love bringing ides to life. That’s mainly been shown from in-front of the camera but I’ve grown to really love being behind it as well wether it’s in styling or sometimes even direction.  I just really enjoy making a thought tangible, especially while collaborating with my friends. Most of my time is taken up by modelling though I do also dance.

2. What are you into?

If we’re talking in terms of specificity, what i’m into probably changes every month. Generally speaking I’d say fashion, I’ve recently realised that that’s what drives a lot of anything I do. Even when it comes to dancing, if what I’m wearing makes me feel good, I feel my dancing is just as good. I also really enjoy analogue photography but that’s strictly a hobbie.

3. How many pairs of sneakers do you own

I’ve lost track but the number’s probably around the 30’s maybe 40’s

4. Tell us about your top 2 favourite adidas sneakers. 

I love all of my sneakers and I hate to have to pick out my top two BUT it will have to be the Yeezy 500: desert rat. This was my first Yeezy so it will always be special to me. It is also the most comfortable and the neutral tones ensures that it goes with almost every outfit.

My second fave would be the Yeezy Boost 700: Vanta. This sneaker is black, so you already know it goes with everything. It is also nice and chunky so it definitely not a basic looking shoe and will make the most chilled outfit look stylish. The boost technology makes it super comfy.

5. Falcons, Sleeks or Yeezy?

Definitely Yeezy’s, I feel like those are collectibles. They’ll probably be worth even more in the future.

6. Show us your top 2 favourite adidas sneakers. 

I love the ‘dad sneaker’ shape of the Falcon, as well as the play on patterns.  I’ve always loved the Superstar, my fav is definitely the collabaration that happened between Nigo and Adidas.

From commanding a presence with her cool and effortless style to dancing and modelling, Tamara is most definitely a face to look out for in the creative scene both locally and internationally. 

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Written by Risima Makaukau