Name anyone with a better @adidasZA Originals sneaker? and clothing ? collection, we’ll wait. Our last #SoleWomen for the month of August is none other than adidas’s number one supporter mamello moorosi


In partnership with adidas Originals, we took the time to chat to three women killing it in the streetwear space, women breaking boundaries and spearheading the  movement of sneaker culture. These are the New Age Girls‘.

Mamello Moorosi is a simple Sotho girl who is passionate about the adidas Originals brand. Checking out her Instagram page she is always spotted lacing the latest adidas Originals sneakers and apparel in different colourways. ,A sister and friend to many, the x two graduate is currently enrolled for Masters in Education at the University of Pretoria. 

We caught up with Mamello a to chat about all things sneakers and more:


  1. Tell us a bit about yourself?

 Smalll_m is a simple Sotho girl who is in love with Adidas Originals, a daughter, sister, friend, x2 graduate from the University of Pretoria and is currently enrolled for Masters in Education at the same institution. 

 2. Where are you from?

.I grew up in Vaal, I then moved to Soweto after Matric but I am currently based in Hatfield, Pretoria.

3. Your love for adidas is really intriguing and interest to see, tell us a bit more about how it all began?

As a petite girl I have always felt like certain clothes such as jumpsuits, blouses and dresses to mention but a few did not look good on me and required a lot of effort (make up, hair, nails and accessories) to make an outfit work so because of that I drifted to sportswear. Towards the end of 2015 I realised that Adidas Originals was actually one sports brand that was leading in catering for lifestyle clothing which was easier for me to wear on campus without feeling like I am wearing gym gear. Furthermore, I have always believed in brand loyalty – head to toe kind of drip. It doesn’t make sense to me to wear an outfit that comprises of different competing brands. It makes one look confused. So in 2016 I became a fully fledged Adidas Originals girl and I have never looked back

4. Name your top 5 favourite pairs of adidas sneakers

It’s difficult to say. I actually love all my sneakers. For the purpose of this question I’ll go with these ones (in no particular order)

– Stan Smith
– Campus
– Young 96
– Ozweego
 – Falcon  

5. Tell us a bit more about why you purchased these pairs?

Stan Smith is a classic sneaker. It is timeless and doesn’t go out of style. Campus is one of my most comfortable sneakers that I can rock at anytime. Falcon and Young 96 are my chunky babies and in the streets “rocking a street style fit without a pair of chunky kicks” is against the street style fashion law, these sneakers are also warm. Lastly, Ozweego which is my absolute favourite and the most recent in my collection. Ozweego is just the new drip

6. What are your thoughts on inclusivity in the streetwear culture in South Africa?

The sneaker/street wear culture in South Africa is continually evolving and becoming more inclusive. More and more unisex sneakers are being designed to cater for all genders identities and I think that is so cool. Though we are on the right track, I think there is always room for improvement

7. If you could request one pair of sneakers from the adidas team, which would it be?

The latest  Ozweego crystal white with a touch of signal orange and signal green is absolutely on my wishlist. 

8. Lastly, how many pairs of adidas sneakers do you currently own

I own 37 pairs of Adidas Original sneakers

From studying education to being the number one adidas Originals supporter, Mamello is defintely a New Age girl to keep an eye out for. We definitely feel like she will be a major contributor to changing the way of education and doing it in adidas style. 



Words by Risima Makaukau