A sneaker collector?, fitness junkie ? and finance guru ?. Bilqees baker ? is a triple threat and more and we got the chance to catch up with her on sole women.


In partnership with adidas Originals, we took the time to chat to Bliqees Baker, a 24 year old aspiring Chartered Accountant with a passion and love for health and fitness. Currently completing her Profession Masters in Commercial Law and her first year of articles in academia at the UCT’s College of Accounting. Her passions lie within education with the desire to become a lecturer in the future.  

We caught up with Bliqees to chat about all things sneakers and more – 

  1. Tell us a bit about yourself?

I am a 24 year old aspiring Chartered Accountant who has a love for health and fitness. I started sharing my health and fitness journey on Instagram about 3 years ago after I recovered from a stress induced brain bleed. I used exercise to help me manage my stress and fell in love with endorphins. Sharing my fitness journey online was (and still is) aimed at inspiring other women to start there’s. I found that there wasn’t enough real bodies and normal girls in fitness, it was just your generic blonde, perfectly sculpted body that was everywhere and I wanted to change that. Influencing just kind of happened and I love that I can use my platform to motivate and inspire women to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Family is everything to me. I am recently married and have been a wifey for 10 months.  Married life has been so fun and I am so grateful I had someone to spend lock down with. My husband is a big sneaker lover and introduced me to the sneaker world by buying me my first pair of hype sneakers – Yeezy 500s which I absolutely love. Best part of lock down is that I didn’t have to wait in lines for sneaker drops – LOL. I am definitely a sneaker girl and I am always in athleisure. 

2. What are your feelings towards the finance and fitness industry of South Africa?

The finance industry is still very male dominated which I personally hate. I would love to see more female POC’s taking up space within the industry and taking on more leadership/ higher management positions. If you google the board of directors of SA’s top companies, you will still see that it is super male dominated. I haven’t started working in the corporate world yet, so I don’t have much of an opinion on the work life. I start next year, and I am super nervous because I have definitely heard some daunting stories

The fitness industry is still very much based on looks. I feel that people only take you seriously if you are skinny, with some abs and drink green juice the whole day. There has been a shift towards body positivity and “health does not have a size” movement but I still think there are not enough “normal”/ “real” bodies shown online. My aim is to inspire women to love their very real bodies and to not aim to just be “thin” because being thin does not mean you will be happy. The aim should always be to be healthy and fit. I wish people would focus more on being healthy and not on being skinny.

3. How many pairs of sneakers do you own

Too many, lol. Okay fine let me actually go and count them. 28 pairs of sneakers.

4. Who are the women you draw streetwear inspiration from? 

My style is very much based on my mood and my activities. I love to be comfortable so having a style pair of sneakers ensures I look comfy and dope at the same time. All of my fave street style accounts are international:




5. Tell us about your top 2 favourite adidas sneakers. 

I love all of my sneakers and I hate to have to pick out my top two BUT it will have to be the Yeezy 500: desert rat. This was my first Yeezy so it will always be special to me. It is also the most comfortable and the neutral tones ensures that it goes with almost every outfit.

My second fave would be the Yeezy Boost 700: Vanta. This sneaker is black, so you already know it goes with everything. It is also nice and chunky so it definitely not a basic looking shoe and will make the most chilled outfit look stylish. The boost technology makes it super comfy.

6. Falcons, Sleeks or Yeezy?

YEEZY always but falcons definitely come in as a close second. The reason why I love Yeezy’s is because they are a triple threat looks good, comfortable and has that “cool” factor.

Bliqees is defintely a triple threat with many passions but one that sticks out the most is her drive to succeed in the academia space. Watch Bliqees’s full feature now on our YouTube channel



Words by Risima Makaukau