Ms Andii


Andiswa Khawula (born 9 April 1993) also known as Ms Andii is a rising artist from Durban westville the passion for the arts all began as a teenager, where she danced and performed for a group name Protege. Ms Andii then continued her journey when she made the big move to joburg.It wasn’t long before her natural talent for being on stage got her noticed by some of the biggest clubs SA has to offer with the likes of Cocoon, Hydro and many more having had her hosting events as master of ceremonies on
a regular basis.Ms Andii at this point decided to seek for more and in 2015 begins her journey as a recording artist. Her debut single “Work” on the verge of release she already had napped an interview with 5fm and has toured the city promoting it at shows at places like Cantare, Hydro and many more. Hoping the world gets to see this young local talent on the rise doing her thing,
in a male dominated genre that has not seemed to have phased her attitude as she would often say “ I want to play with kings”.It’s clear that she views herself no lesser and as an equal to any artist.