Unwritten x Redbat: Behind the collection

The latest Redbat collection is in and we can only say this: it’s time for everyone to go back to basics. The streetwear scene tends to become over-complicated but, the Unwritten x Redbat collection features all of the things that we think of when we think sports luxe and comfort: denim, oversized puffer jackets and tracksuits. The neutral colour palette of the collection takes us back to tonal dressing and takes inspiration from international trends spearheaded by brands like YEEZY, Kith, and of course Louis Vuitton since Virgil Abloh took the reigns of the high-end fashion house.


Louis Vuitton has the addition of fleeces, active pants and outerwear layering as fashion items – all essential to the everyday urban collection. The Unwritten collection x Redbat explores with new colours and textures for these everyday classics, such as corduroy super puffer jackets and toweling detail.

This collection keeps the focus on neutral colours to create visually interesting combinations. Earthy tones and sandy hues are the heroes here, with frosted pastels to break the solidity. Complete your look by wearing neutral coloured sneakers – check out our selection here.

Keep ’90s and urban styling references in mind when styling your super puffer. Think Usher’s white-on-white and Brandy and Aaliyah’s denim-on-denim ‘fits when wanting the combos to communicate.

Back to the ’90s

Unwritten x Redbat carries all the pieces you’d expect from a ’90s-inspired streetwear collection – dungarees, oversized puffers and corduroy. It keeps things interesting by mixing textures and neutral colours, making it an easy addition to anyone’s wardrobe. Add this to your wardrobe if you’d like to incorporate layering, urban edge to your daily mix of ‘fits.

Global inspiration

Unwritten x Redbat stays on trend by taking direction from globally relevant brands brands such as Kith, Louis Vuitton, the Lacoste x Supreme collab, Mitch Gobler and Yeezy, so there can be no doubt that when you step out, heads will turn.

Get the look

Keep your wardrobe fresh and relevant by updating it with this relaxed, stripped down version of the ’90s trend.

Steezy Lynora in Unwritten x Redbat

Faith Mashaba in Unwritten x Redbat


Xyciic in Unwritten x Redbat

Dee Koala in Unwritten x Redbat