Celebrating sneakerheads in South Africa

We’ve recently kicked back with Cape Town based sneakerhead and actor, Gantane Kusch to talk about his dope sneaker collection and to find out more about when his love for sneakers first started -he’s been a sneakerhead since before it became a trend! Read our Q&A with Gantane to find out more about his collection and to see how we are celebrating sneakerheads in 2018. To give you an idea – it involves getting your sneaker supply sorted for the entire year.

Q&A with Gantane Kusch

sportscene: Hey Gantane. Tell us more about who you are and what you do every day?

Gantane: I am of the notion of being “Other”.  I’m a clown. I goof around a lot. I believe in the happy state. I sit in the dark after a long day of work and just listen to music. I’m an artist (actor, poet, writer and photographer).

sportscene: What’s your favourite pair in your collection?

Gantane: I have two favourites: my Jordan 1 “Breds” and Jordan 1 “Black Toes”. If I had to choose I’d say the “Breds”.

Gantane Kusch's sneaker closet

sportscene: Where are you from and what influenced your love of sneakers?

Gantane: I was Born in Namibia, anchored in St Helena Bay (Laingville) for the past 18 years. The love for sneakers stemmed from that young boy seeing his seniors rocking heat as status symbols, like your Converse “Chucks” or Nike “Cortez” and I always wanted to have a pair but couldn’t really afford so I just admire what my friends had.

sportscene: Where and how did you get your first pair of sneakers?

Gantane: My first pair of sneakers I got when I was 11 years old and they were some knock-offs I got from a stall on Cape Town train station. My gran got me my first pair of heat from sportscene when I was 13 years young. It was a pair of Reebok “G-Units” – the red and white ones. Flames! Ever since then I’ve been certified.

sportscene: Do you have any exclusives or limited editions? 

Gantane: A lot that I have is difficult to get, but it’s not necessarily exclusive: Yeezy, All Stars, Jordan 1s, the Air Max 1 Master and the Pharrell Hu Holi NMDs.

sportscene: Any reason you don’t opt for exclusive?

Gantane: It’s not that I don’t opt for exclusive, it’s just I go for what I like and if it happens to be exclusive, I will go for it.

sportscene: If you could wear only one pair of sneakers for the rest of your life, which pair would it be?

Gantane Kusch sneaker collector with his collection featuring Nike, adidas Reebok and Puma

Gantane: It would have to be my Jordan 1 “Black Toes” – just ‘cause they go well with everything and I wanna have my “Breds” collect dust.

sportscene: How many pairs do you have in total?

Gantane: 31. I go with quality over quantity.

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