We’ve all been through this: you buy brand new kicks, wear them to a turn-up over the weekend, only to have them scuffed or stained by someone’s carelessness (or maybe you took the turn-up a bit too serious).  We’ve got the solution to clean and protect all kinds of kicks, whether your kicks have suede, canvas, Primeknit, Flyknit or leather uppers: enter the brand new, sportscene exclusive sneaker cleaning brand ‘Sneaker King‘.

When you search Google for tips on how to clean your sneakers at home, search results can be unsettling, to say the least. We’ve seen recommendations which vary from toothpaste to baking soda, and while we haven’t tried to debunk these methods ourselves, we just wouldn’t risk it. If you were planning on giving your sneakers that ‘out-of-the-box’ crispness again by tossing them in the washing machine and turning the machine setting to ‘delicate’, we’d advise you to stop right now, unless you want your kicks to rest in pieces – for forever.

Sneaker King took their products to the test to see if it could protect and clean kicks when even the messiest ingredients ingredients are involved: syrup, tomato sauce, pink milkshake and mustard. It doesn’t end there though – Sneaker King products also keep your kicks smelling fresh with Sneaker King Deodoriser, keeps them clean on-the-go with Sneaker King Sneaker Wipes and helps your kicks retain its original shape with Sneaker King Shoe Trees. Keep scrolling to check out the tutorial videos below to find out which Sneaker King product will work best for you.

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1000x600-Protector 2


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