Ecco is not calling himself Ecco The Beast for no reason.

This multi-talented artist, hailing from Attridgeville, Pretoria, started up as a dancer in the early 2000s and has since made a seamless progression into the South African hip hop industry. Forming part of The Lean Team collective, Ecco is frequently seen alongside with crew members such as FLAME and Mellow, but more recently, he joined forces with his collective again and renowned musical duo B3nchMarq to release ‘LEX’ Season 1. The collaboration was hailed by Slikour as one to “move the country“, so make sure you listen to the project on Apple Music below. 


The ‘Belly of the Beast’ rapper hails patience and consistency as the key to success, and reminds us that it took him a long time to make it to where he’s at right now. He takes us through what inspires his sound, adding that he can listen to anything from rap, pop, R&B and soul and still be can still be inspired to rap.

In February 2018, Ecco released his solo debut project titled ‘More of Me’, as his fans were demanding that he stops giving them features on other artist’s tracks and give them more of Ecco. 2020 holds a lot more in store for his fans, with the artist recently being nominated by Hype Magazine as Freshman of the Year (2019), and a whole bunch of tours lined up. In this Weekend Turn Up powered by adidas feature, Ecco takes us through his existing releases such as Hit List as LEX (B3nchMarq and The Lean Team collective), plans to drop his debut album titled ‘Beauty and the Beast’, as well as a tape he is working on alongside artist Die Mondez. When asked about challenges in the music industry, he Ecco mentions that the industry is filled with gatekeepers, but praises his relationships in the music industry with his close friends who he’s always chilling with or in making songs in the studio with such as Die Mondez, Mellow and Zoocci Coke Dope. Catch the full interview below.

“My priorities? God, family and a whole lot of art”

– Ecco

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