Styled by Air

Less is more is less

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Black and white just became the new black

Top to toe in a single hue? Its execution is easier than you think. Variations of a single colour breathe cohesiveness and intellect into a look, which would otherwise be a Crayola playground. This is no easy concept, but a style that can be mastered swiftly.

Nothing says you’re keeping it all together quite like monochrome. From sports lush to nightlife shining, keeping it simple raises the bar to heights unknown and is supremely decadent.

The basic tee just got even better

Boasting a luxe take on the everyday Tee, the minimalist Women’s Short Sleeve Top becomes the firm foundation of any look. Give this item any supporting acts and they will feel right at home. A cheeky crop design invites your youth to play, while its demure style impeccably elevates one to their refined nature.

The soft jersey fabric delicately hugs the skin while the Nike graphics shake things up with neces- sary flavour. Classic, understated t-shirts that surpass the test of time are difficult to come by, and this offering is one that is a sure promise.

This is the last jacket you’ll ever need to own

Exceptional cool meets ultra sophistication for the sports woman who wants to take it up a notch. Considered stylish touches in its satin finish, fused with the trendy graphics of the Nike Air tape, make for a modern girls answer to perfect jacket.

A summer jacket that simply completes any look is what this is. With the different colour options to play with, it features a high collar that shoots one straight up to “you’ve arrived” status, while simultaneously keeping its metaphoric feet planted firmly on mother earth. Nothing says cool, calm and collected quite like it.

Styled by Air

The Future, now

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If you haven’t already, jumpstart your life with the wardrobe’s best kept secret

Previously considered a pilots uniform that became the breakout star of the 70s, the super-duper-fly onesie is back in full force and becomes the wardrobe essential you never knew you needed. A classic trend embodying Air’s lightweight identity is now known for its refined versatility and audacious characteristics. As futurism becomes an increasingly present conversation, Nike presents the future of jumpsuits, now. 

The style of this monochromatic offering, accompanied by geometric lines and clinical shapes, unifies otherworldly concepts with modern day design, embodying the innovative culture of Nike. A multifaceted item of clothing has never been more dynamic, now with the added thrills of daring exploration.

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