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Taking the Vogue nation to the streets

Fearlessly breaking boundaries and unapologetically claiming space in this modern world,  Ntsikelelo ‘Lelo’ Meslani is changing the landscape for creativity amongst the youth, and breaking every mould you thought existed. 

With accolades running a mile off a page, Joburg based Lelo Meslani, also known as ‘Lelowhatsgood’, is redefining what it means to be a young black creative in South Africa. A jack of all trades and master of them all,  Lelo is a DJ, content creator, writer, digital marketer and Senior Features Editor of digital-zine Faculty Press. The multi-talented visionary, whose work has been published by The New York Times, Mail and Guardian and Superbalist’s The Way Of Us, is also scheduled to set the 2019 AFROPUNK JHB stage alight.

Not only is he securing the bag, Lelo is a driver in the fight for social change. Having founded Vogue Nights in 2018, a safe nightlife playground for the queer community grounding itself in music, art and dance, he not only understood the need for a change in the way individuals socialise, but rose to pioneer status when he took the initiative and became a self-starter. The importance of having a space like this in today’s world has become more important than ever before, and with a young prodigy like him, who has his fingers on the pulse, his success comes at no wonder. 

 “I’ve chosen to use creativity to interpret the world I live in to give things more meaning.” In a growing conscious world, careers are being matched with one’s life purpose, and Lelo certainly has no difficulties when it comes to that. His life stands testament that one need not stick to a single career journey; if you’ve been blessed with multiple talents, let them all shine! 

It is fear that detracts one from becoming their best self, and Lelo seemingly has none of it. An undeniable front runner, he is not only building a legacy for himself, but inviting others to be a part of it too. Creating a space that can be owned by those that are a part of it are what make for grand movements, and with its members flying the flag for the generation to come, Lelo remains stationed at its helm.

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