An essence engrained in its past, Thesis Lifestyle delimits the future’s possibilities

Perfectly capturing the essence and vibrancy of their community, Thesis Lifestyle co-founders, Wandile Zondo, and Galebowe Mahlatsi (also known as Wireless G), began their journey by selling stylish second-hand clothing, lighting the fire to what has now redefined street culture.

“Based on no rules to express who you are,” Thesis was launched as a study to illustrate a new point of view of street culture.  

“The brand was a canvas for young people to express themselves.”

Thesis Lifestyle takes cues from its forefathers and constantly creates spaces that empowers and grows its community. Always aiming to create the next best thing without the restrictions of rules, the brand’s arms stretch into community and social projects like the run and cycle club. Products like their bucket hats and graphic tees are their signature, with developing style allowing the apparel to keep its freshness and appeal.

What started out as a brand 15 year ago, right after Wandile concluded his tenure at Edgars, emerged into a movement. With 2 stores launched, they still face challenges of keeping the lights on and understand the risks of starting out a business, but the brand’s growth sees international recognition with tourists coming from all over the world to purchase merchandise. “We know the long-term game now,’ says G, with his sights for Thesis set on longevity.