We Are Not Alone: Fife Avenue 

The world around us is changing. We know this. We choose our family, have friends we never actually met in person and partners we’ve never really dated. In this world, it can be hard to find a sense of belonging, but when we do, we build never ending connections. These  connections allow you to be your true authentic self, and still feel like you belong. It means finding a crew who is just like you. A crew who allows you to speak your truth and do what you love, no matter how strange or quirky. Together, we are better. Meet Fife Avenue, featured crew from Cape Town and Johannesburg representing multiple talents, multiple cultures, sexualities and voices. The crew, all under the age of 26, connected a few years ago through music and the creative forces that go along with it and have been inseparable ever since. Scroll down to get to know each crew member and their story.   

 “Everything we do, we do to push the creative culture. We are not riding on the waves of international creatives, we are here to break the mould.  We create a safe space with like minded people and just being who we are, breaks stereotypes” 

– Fife Avenue 



“The hard road becomes easier, instead of the easy road becoming hard… Being here, we don’t have to prove ourselves, we work as a family. We always find each other in the end. This isn’t a group, this isn’t a collective, it’s a family” 


“I’ve been with FIFE since the inception… everything happened organically before we decided to become a collective. It felt like an easy transition…. Like, oh, I’m not the only one. I was fortunate enough to have supportive friends and people around me. FIFE was a way to channel all of the support… I wouldn’t have had a place to showcase what I could do, without FIFE…”


“Before FIFE, I was constantly seeking direction… It’s a reassurance thing, a direction thing. I trust them, they trust me… we have that trust as a collective…”


“There’s a lot that makes me who I am. I’m introduced to people through my many personalities, and then you get the full aspect of who I am. Growing up, I always felt that I could be in a room with so many people, but I always felt alone – it drove me to explore my mind.  Everything I said, would be out of the norm. I wanted to live where I was vulnerable, because being vulnerable is what makes you a better person. It led me to making music – taking those sounds and putting them into a musical emotion, something I understood. FIFE AVENUE came to me… and I was like, ey, these people understand me… for the first time ever, I could say something, and it was listened to. 

It’s all us humans need, someone to listen to us.” 


“I felt like an outsider… Connecting with these guys felt natural, it felt like the music I grew up listening to. I was like, I wanna keep these people around. They’re doing things I like, and they’re in the places I want to hang out””


“I’m from a coloured community in Cape Town, sometimes it is hard as they’re used to the ‘norm’. If you’re chasing a different dream, they treat you like an outcast…  you need to make an example for someone to trust you.  You can’t do this alone, you need family. I feel like we can’t do without each other. I just need to feel like I have my teammates, and then I’m good”