With a futuristic take on the much loved and classic sound that is RnB, Elaine’s vocal focused sound defies bounds and sets a forward trajectory that reshapes the future of local soul music.

With no surprise that she landed the title of “first independent woman to reach the number one on African Apple Music album charts”, Elaine did all of that within a month of releasing her debut EP to the world and did it all while studying a grueling university law degree. If that’s not game changing, you can’t help but beg the question, well, what is?

Steadfast and multi-disciplinarian, she has already gone against the grain of what it means to be a woman, redefining success and formulating her own rules along the way. Having a strong voice, her undeniable force continues to precede her as she continues on her phenomenal journey. The self-funded body of work released last year, created by what some would call an “inexperienced bunch”, obliterates the misconception that one needs extensive experience in a field in order to create magic. Looking to the future to create something with elements borrowed from the past is how this law student rose to fame and made sure the public doesn’t forget her. 

As long as music lives on, it exists in the minds of the youth who appreciate the groundwork laid by the greats that came before them, learning from their processes and applying it to their revolutionary work to carry them into the future. These are the makings of the new school winners like Elaine, who’s music not only transcends genres, but undoubtedly shifts into new spheres, those of which seemingly cannot be defined yet; that’s what defines a future everlasting.