Is there a new minister of energy in town? We certainly think so.

New wave artist on the rise Benny Chill is injecting a massive surge of energy into the South African music industry. In his interview, he joins us at sportscene Studio to tell us about his start in the music industry  in 2017, challenges up-and-coming artists face such as financial backing, and finding creative ways to overcome these challenges by using the internet and social media as a PR tool. We also followed him on stage at Cotton Fest 2020 to witness the deliverance of energy for ourselves, and of course, we were not disappointed! If you haven’t heard his hit single “Hey Chill” from his Adapt or Die EP, then you won’t fully grasp the amount of energy this artist is able to deliver and we suggest you start believing the hype and familiarise yourself with who TF Benny Chill is by hitting up this playlist we’ve set up for you on Spotify. 

We say that Benny Chill is the new wave generation’s minister of energy with confidence, and our statement proves true not only by this artist’s obvious amount of talent, but also through the recognition he is receiving from heavyweight artists and media in SA: in 2019, he featured on Zoocci Coke Dope’s EP ‘Anxiety’ on a track titled ‘Current State of Mind IV’ and in 2020, he joined the line-up for Riky Rick’s Cotton Fest. He’s also been nominated by Hype Magazine for the ‘Freshman 2019’ Awards, which places the spotlight on up-and-coming hip-hop artists to look out for in South Africa. 

Benny Chill’s is trying to bring something new to the game by delivering a different sound, but most importantly, impact. He goes on to describe how he has 2 different sounds: one being melodic, aimed to heal, and the other high energy, with the aim to uplift. He also reveals that even though he prefers working alone, he’s got collaborations planned for 2020 with a few big names in the industry although for now, he’s keeping that information on lock.  Make sure you’re checking his Instagram feed for updates by following him @benny_chill.


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