For those who don’t know yet: ’90s fashion is back and it has become socially acceptable (by “acceptable” we actually mean required) to rock things like colour-blocked outfits, retro tracksuits, bodysuits, hip bags and of course, dad shoes. And who better to bring back your retro favourites than FILA – the OG retro brand itself.

For your reading/scrolling/browsing pleasure, we’ve rounded up our favourites from the latest FILA collection that you can shop at sportscene RN.


Note: this is not a swimsuit. But, if you do feel like rocking it to the beach or out on a hot summer day, style it with a denim skirt or a pair of denim shorts.


You know those ugly sneakers your dad flexed (or not…) in the ’90s – those chunky-soled sneakers you vowed to never wear? The ones that made you hide your dad from your friends? Well, you are going to want to change your mind about that vow you made to yourself back then. As it turns out, it’s now one of the most FIRE silhouettes you need to add to your sneaker rotation, starting with the FILA Disruptor.


Ever since hip bags have made their way back from the ’80s and ’90s we’ve been seeing the love for its return on the runway, appearing on countless influencers, editors, celebrities and of course, Instagram. It’s the accessory you can style in at least 3 different ways and that will always give your ‘fit that extra sauce.

Colour-blocked outfits

Who exactly do we have to thank for colour-blocking? Well, from a quick Google search it appears that Yves St. Laurent is responsible for making it a ting back in the ’40s when the luxury fashion house designed a dress modeled after Dutch painter Piet Mondrian’s work. At first the forward thinking design was not accepted but as everybody knows, the trend exploded and is still well and alive in the 21st century. When it comes to pulling off the retro colour-blocking look, make sure you keep it simple with primary colours red and blue.