Khanya “The Voice” Hadebe (aka Illuminated Greens), with his popular DJ tag “ The Voice is playing, you know what I’m saying?” has been heating up events with his DJ sets across the city in JHB while being a part-time model and has been dabbling in sneaker culture as well. This JHB-based DJ is one to look out for on both the music and fashion scene.

How would you describe your growth as a DJ?

KHANYA – ILLUMINATED GREENS: My growth has been really impressive throughout the period I last did an article with you guys, I have gotten so much better technically and the brand side is also opening up to more opportunities, which I’m very grateful for.

A few weeks ago, you dropped your ‘New Breed Vol 7: Submerged by Air’ DJ Mix, what inspired your song selection for the mix?

KHANYA – ILLUMINATED GREENS: I just wanted to play songs that I have enjoyed hearing over the past couple of years, New Breed Vol. 7 was really a reminiscent compilation that I wanted the world to hear.



How would you breakdown your creative process for your set compilation?

KHANYA – ILLUMINATED GREENS: With my house sets specifically I want to in a way tell a story, whether it’s a story about love or just a celebration, my song selection will always adhere to that preset I put for myself.

Do they have a standardized set for every gig on which you simply adjust and curate according to the crowd that you will be playing for?

KHANYA – ILLUMINATED GREENS: I try my best to not have a set that was similar to my previous, I think switching my song selection regularly keeps me on toes and it gives me an excuse to look for new songs. I also would not want to disappoint a fan of mine who heard my previous set only to be welcomed by the exact same set at my next gig.

How has lockdown affected your profession as a DJ?

KHANYA – ILLUMINATED GREENS: Lockdown has affected my career drastically on the financial side, it was a very tough adjustment I had to make, but it also helped me get

better at my craft as I was practicing every single day, and it gave me the opportunity to release multiple mixes which are being received very well.

What was ‘The Voice’ doing to keep busy during lockdown?

KHANYA – ILLUMINATED GREENS: I was mainly practicing and enhancing my DJ skills, I was reading and researching on different ways to be financially liberated and I was cooking quite a lot.

Where can people expect to see ‘The Voice’ play as soon as lockdown is “completely” over?

KHANYA – ILLUMINATED GREENS: I will definitely be in my usual nightclubs (Great Dane, Sumo) from time to time, but my objective now is to start touring around the country and the continent and get the attention of as many music consumers as possible.
[Image of the DJ: Khanya live at the ss studio]

How was the set that you played on Sportscene Radio received by the people online at the SS store itself? 

KHANYA – ILLUMINATED GREENS: That set was amazing, I enjoyed every minute of it, the people at SS SANDTON showed me a ton of love, hopefully I will be able to bless them with good music again soon.

How would The Voice describe a Sportscene Radio experience? 

KHANYA – ILLUMINATED GREENS: It is a very vital platform that I think would work so well in South African street and media culture if it continues its great work. Hopefully, I will be able to create some content with Sportscene Radio enterprise.

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Images by @zeetakesnicepictures